Earned Allowance: ABU SSANU Branch Shuns Public Protest

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The units representative of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU),  Ahmadu Bello University (ABU),  Zaria branch, have resolved to write a protest letter to the Federal Government over the disparity in the earned allowance sharing formular as against the staging a public protest directed by national body.
Comrade Ibrahim A. Bello Chairman of  the branch  who chaired the mini congress said as elders they resolved not to carry placards going round protesting is only a waste of time and energy.
According to Comrade Bello, the issue of disparity between the Academic Staff and the remaining three  unions namely  SSANU, NASU and NATTS is a worrisome.
The ABU SSANU Chairman said ASUU received N30b while the remaining three unions received N5b which shows disparity from the side of the government.
He said, the unions were expecting a positive response from the government with the view to addressing the matter amicably.
“We believe in the Government and very hopeful those that are fully involved in this matter will look at the disparity and do justice to it that will close the wide gap already created between the unions in the Nigerian Universities”.
Comrade Bello emphasized that as matured and highly educated, they will not  do anything that was not beneficial to their members.
He said, “very soon a full congress will be conducted to update members on the earned allowance disparity.”


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