Dawanau International Food Market Gets New Leadership

Dawanau Market Motor park that was renovated by Dawakin Tofa LGA.


Alhaji Auwalu Yusuf Dawakin Tofa has emerged as the new caretaker committee chairman of the popular and historical Dawanau international food market as appointed by Dawakin Tofa Local Government Council.

The new leadership has been inaugurated on Monday by the executive chairman of the council, Alhaji Ado Tambai Kwa, in a colourful ceremony held at the market’s grand motor park, where the chairman tasked them to ensure that they bring progress to the market as an international food arena.

Alhaji Ado Tambai Kwa hinted out that his administration is working out good moderlities to see that Dawanau market remains a giant food transaction edifice because all types of food items are found at the market for both domestic and international exports.

In conclusion, the council chairman congratulated the caretaker committee chairman and his team for being selected to run the affairs of the market and charged them to take everybody along.

Responding shortly after the inauguration, the caretaker committee chairman, Alhaji Auwalu Dawakin Tofa assured that they will work as a team in order to bring unity and development to the market, and thanked all those who had a helping hands in making him head the caretaker committee..


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