Embrace Agriculture To Reduce Poverty, FG Tells Nigerians

File photo: Rice farm


The Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Leasing in partnership with Federal Ministry of Agriculture has called on everyone to embark on agriculture as to reduce poverty in the country.

This was contained in an interview with the delegation from Federal Ministry of Agriculture which came to Springfield Agro Nigeria known as Mahindra Rise Tractor World in Kaduna.

Speaking at the interview, Professor Ken Ife, said the organization is aimed at financing capabilities to enable thousands of tractors to be deployed nationwide and provide access to tractors service in the country.

He explained that, instead of having to spend 5m to buy a tractor that will work two months and stop working,  you can spend  five to six thousands to service your tractor, which he said, makes it easier for a farmers in Nigeria to service tractors at affordable prices.

He added that Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Leasing  is a key partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture under the frame work,  they are working with national vendors.

He commended Mahindra for investing in the country,  adding that, “we have seen for ourselves and we are here to partner with Mahindra.”

He emphasised that their partnership is to support employment in the country and ensure that farmers get the best out if it.

He further said, for several reasons, they want to increase their tractors  density in the country.

“You can see that the system of tractors in Nigeria is shrinking, the way forward  is to clear more land and increase mechanisms.”

Adding that,  in the case of Mahindra who has come to  stay and invest in the country, they assemble  products of this nature,  train operators, train technician that can be mechanics, assembling of tractors all of this are good news.

“We commend all their efforts, we are to encourage them and support them to expand their capacities.

“On their achievements so far,  they have basic programmes of 1,200 equipment in agriculture, they are planning to increase it so that every local government area in the state will have access to these facilities.

This is to increase the hectares and know the capacity of farmers in programme that will enable them target their values change and make it comfortable for farmers to make enough money so as to service their tractors at affordable rate.

The Managing Director, Springfield Agro Nigeria known as Mahindra Rise Tractor World,  Engr Salihu Mohammed Baba said the company is aimed at services provision of agricultural system,and that the firm has local farmers who benefit from them.

He commended the Federal Ministry of agriculture, while  urging everyone  to embark on farming,  adding that out of the businesses you see around,  90% is from agriculture.

“Kaduna State and Northern Nigeria has to go back to agriculture, if attention will be paid  to agriculture alone,  it will create more employment to the state and the country at large.

“The production of tomatoes in this country, only 25% is being used,  and the mango’s processing is more lucrative as government will be looking for people to work with,  no one will want to work with them, because everyone is involved in agriculture,” he added.


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