Group Directs Nasarawa Council Boss To Provide Financial Status Of Council

Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi A. Sule
Center for Leadership and Entrenchment of Democratic Principles (CLEDP) a civil society group in Nasarawa State, has in line with the Freedom of Information Act, requested the Chairman of Karu Local Government Council, Honourable Samuel Akala Gajere, to provide information for proper appraisal of his administration’s financial transactions.
In a letter dated 20th June, signed by its Assistant Director, Bernard Yameh Chitta, CLEDP asked the chairman to provide it with the certified-true-copy (CTC) of all contractual agreement(s) reached between Byte Works Technology Limited with the Council regarding taxes.
The group also sought to know how much has been generated and remitted to the Council’s treasury by the firm and how much has the council remitted to the firm from the period the contract was signed till date.
Furthermore, it requested for the detailed expenditures of the Council under Akala’s watch.
Other information CLEDP requested for was the financial status of the Council as at June 19th, 2019.
The chairman has barely four (4) days remaining to complied with CLEDP’s request on FoI by providing the information.
The Act stipulates response in 7-days upon receiving request.
However, the group has warned the Council against tempering with the information requested as alleged.
A statement being peddled in some quarters has it that a new contractual agreement is been drafted to cover up wrongdoings.
This CLEDP vowed to subject every document to be provided to forensic investigation.
Meanwhile, the chairman has clarified that contrary to insinuations taxes are paid directly in favour of the Council.
“The council engaged a technical partner whose responsibility is to deploy technology and carry out biometric enumeration of tax payers and business premises, thereby creating the Karu Local government Internal Revenue Central System, otherwise called KLICS.
“With this platform, all taxes are paid on it. It’s a PAYDIRECT platform which conforms with best practices of tax administration. The aim is to block leakages, makes payment more transparent and convenient, ensures transparency and gives the council and public the opportunity to track the process. This has provided the council with robust data of tax payers which can also aid planning and security”, he said.


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