It’s Time For Nigeria To Formulate National Research Policy – Professor Adesoji

By; BAYO AKAMO. Ibadan
A Professor of Chemical Engineering and Founder & Chief  Executive Officer, ATODATECH, Los Angeles, United States of America , Professor Adesoji Adesina has declared that Nigeria cannot achieve sustainable development or solve its multiple problems if it continues to pay lip service to Education and research Funding.
Professor Adesina said  this at the 78th Interdisciplinary Discourse of the Post graduate College, University of Ibadan with the topic ” An approach to Research and Innovation in National Development: Entrepreneurial Culture in Nigerian Tertiary Education”,
According to Professor Adesina, Nigeria cannot achieve sustainable development without funding research driven by national priorities, saying President Muhammadu Buhari  should  formulate well defined National priorities to enable researchers develop solutions to her problems.
“Research must be embraced and pursued with passion. We need to conduct research driven by national priorities. We need the business sector to fund research and development. We also need policy to ensure that they do this. Nigeria must formulate national research policy which will incorporate national priorities. We cannot have development without technology, innovation, management and entrepreneurship”. he said.
Professor Adesina emphasized that  Nigeria as a country can only move forward if innovative researches are conducted in line with national priorities. adding   ” research is the cornerstone of developed societies”
Speaking further, the Professor of Chemical Engineering lamented that Nigeria commits only 0.22percent of its Gross Domestic Product on research, saying Nigerian researchers are conducting researches which are not entirely aligned to national priorities also stated that only innovative researches can bring sustainable development.
He then tasked the federal government to formulate policies that will make private organisations, institutions and government fund researches.
In his remarks to the lecture, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (RISP) Professor Olanike Adeyemo  stated that the international funders fund researches which are of priority to them.
Professor Olanike Adeyemo  while urging federal government and other private firms to fund researches in Nigeria, advised Nigerian scholars to make Nigeria a priority in their researches and come up with scientific solutions to Nigeria’s problems.


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