Don’t Shift Blame Of Rape On Women, el-Rufai’s Wife Tells Society



The wife of Kaduna State Governor, Architect Hadiza Isma el-Rufai on Sunday, appealed to the society not to shift blame of rapes on women as most women are put not opportuned to voice out.

Architect Hadiza made the appeal when she hosted Friends and Friend-Unite (NGO’s) to the fast-breaking at her residence in Kaduna.

Hadiza frowned at the rate of which our young girls are being molested by  older persons at a tender age, causing some to be dropped out of school, some are affected by diseases that make them barren forever.

She said, “affected victims are not to be blamed, rather the perpetrators.

“it is a terrible issue in the society that our young girls are being raped,” she added.

Hadiza called on parents to protect their children from being molested, saying that in a society where a father  raped his own child, a son raped his younger sister and the family will be dying in silence, not to voice out because of humiliations.

She emphasised, “we are dealing with people that don’t care about the life of an innocent child, all they are after is to commit a devilish act towards making the innocent girl have a memory of hatred throughout her life.”

“In this nation, there’s Constitution that guides one. You are free to dress the way you want, our children need our guidance for their safety, they need our attention and encouragement to face the reality of life.

Hadiza called on the men to ensure that their wife’s and children are provided with necessary demands in the home, men should stop fooling themselves when they have taken care of themselves outside before coming home leaving the family in hunger.

She urged the women to give listening ears to their children.

“listen to what they have to say. As a mother, be friends with your children both male and female, so that they can be free to tell you their challenges, and be able to give them good advice, motherly care for a better society.

“There’s need for government and community leaders, religious leaders to sensitise our children creating awareness of the dangers in raping as most of young girls of two and above age found themselves in the act of rape.

According to her, the Child Welfare and  Protection Law will soon be reviewed as the Ministry of Women Affairs are working on to protect the rights of a child.

She called on  women to visit orphanage homes and make attempt of adopting a child, noting that, the children need the attention of parents who are ready to render motherly care to them.

The delegation of the women appreciated the State Governor, Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai for reconstruction of Ungwan Dosa road to Legislative Quarters in Kaduna.


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