Don’t Be Used By Politicians To Cause Chaos In Kaduna State, Bantex Tells Religious Leaders



The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex on Sunday urged religious leaders not to allow desperate politicians to use them to cause chaos in the state.

Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex expressed this  during a Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service that marked end of first tenure of the administration of Governor Nasir el-Rufai at First Baptist Church, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna.

Architect Bantex, appreciated the Almighty God for the journey of four years,  thanking God, for His mercies towards the state.

“On our first day, we took an oath of office with the Holy book brought in the name of the Lord,  going with all manner of  people to sustain sanity of human life.”

According to him, the first thing that guided their leadership style was to consider unborn children, and government’s interest is to serve those  capable of meeting interest of others.

He explained, “if our children are well educated, they will not be found on  highways kidnapping, armed banditry, and killing innocent souls.”

He advised the religious leaders, to dwell richly in the word of God, and avoid beyin used by desperate people to cause division in the gathering of believers and people in the state.

“The state government, was able to achieve 80% of what belongs to the people, they  cut out unnecessary expenses which amounts from 100% to 40% and they were still able to do the work successfully,” he said.

Explaining further, Bantex said, the tax and revenue of the state collectors, the government discovered that half of the money goes into their pockets.

Citing the reason, the state Governor, Introduced the Single Account Treasury, for accountability,  adding that every person can track every single Naira that comes into the state.

“The introduction of town hall meeting for religious, community’s leader and individual to contribute to the progress of the state has  yields positively to our society and the entire state.

He disclosed that, Kaduna and Lagos state is the only state,  able to pay their staff salaries without stress till date.

Bantex further said, the international investors came to the state to invest,  this has provided more job opportunities to our youths who find themselves roaming about the streets, he added.

The state has improved in the health sector, education and agriculture, the state government have work tremendously on them and local government are benefiting.

He noted that, the state government was working hard for everyone in the state to be part and parcel of Social Health Insurance Policy, “the health of the people is a priority to the state government that need to be tackled.”

He said, “this is my last church service thanksgiving as the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State.”

He glorified the Almighty God saying, ” I am very happy, with the things we did in Government.”

Bantex, thank the church for their prayers and urged them to pray fervently for the state in the areas of their imperfections to be perfected.

In a response, the clergy in charge of  First Baptist Church, Ahmadu Bello Way in Kaduna, Reverend Dr. Banjo Ajao said the people of the state expect leadership decision of fairness, divine consciousness,  protection of lives and security from the state government.

He cited Exodus 18:14-27 that when the people of the state cry to their leaders for provision and protection, it is expected of a leader to meet up with the needs of its state.

Banjo said, God expects our leaders to show love, mercy, do justice and walk with him.

“God is the giver of power and authority, saying good government is possible where God is involved, noting everyone will give account of his or her stewardship,” he added.


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