Ramadan: El-Rufai’s Wife Sues For Love, Peace



The wife of Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna  State, Architect Hadiza Isma  on Thursday,  called for love and peaceful co-existence among the women, during and after the Ramadan.

She made the call during the evening prayer and fast-breaking (Iftar) with Muslim women faithful, at her resident in Kaduna.

Hadiza noted that Ramadan represents love, forgiveness, peaceful co-existence and the need to extend a helping hand to the less privileged in the society.

The governor’s wife noted that the country needs love and peaceful co-existence to strengthen and surmount all challenges confronting it as a nation such as drug abuse, child labour, street beggars (Almajiris).

According to her, “For any country to thrive, she needs love and peaceful co-existence to strengthen the social bond, and overcome any challenge confronting it as a nation.

“It is only when we allow love to grow in our hearts irrespective of religion, language and tribe barrier that we can collectively as a nation surmount any challenge confronting us”, she said.

She said, “Fasting during this Ramadan period does not just consist of refraining from eating and drinking, but from every kind of selfish desire and wrong-doing.

“The fast is not merely of the body, but essentially that of the spirit as well”.

The governor’s wife urged the women to develop and strengthen the powers of self control, adding that women are the roots of challenges facing the homes, citing the important of birth control.

Hadiza said, parents have to work hard to tackle the menace of tout roaming about not to be use by desperate people for their selfish ambitious, “when you give birth to children you can control they will be less criminals in the society, she emphasised.

She further said, women should attain nearness and closeness to Allah, so as to intensify the consciousness of Allah in their hearts, resulting in a higher spiritual experience and to continue to give to the less privileged, not at Ramadan alone but at all times.

Hadiza thanked the women for the prayers offered for the state, the first family, cabinet members and the nation at large.

She urged them to continue to intercede with their prayers and prayed that they would all live to witness many more Ramadan on earth.

The Governor’s wife assured the women of their requests and they will be tabled to the state Governor for paramount solutions.

At the fast-breaking, women expressed their heart feelings to the wife of the state Governor, adding the importance of working with NGO’s, community leaders, to preach the message of peace to the society.

They commended Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai for exhibiting  good leadership that carries everyone along, adding that the Governor stood on his stand to plead to various communities in the state to be at peace with one another.

Hajiya Isma in her gestures, started the fast breaking on Monday with  market women both small and big,  Beso, El-Rufai Support Group and JNI, National Council for Women Society.

The wife of Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Mrs Amina Bala Bantex, the wife of Zone 1 Senator-elected, Hajiya Amina Dalhatu Kwari, Zone 2 Senator- elected, Hajiya Hadiza Uba Sani among others were presents at the fast- breaking.

Ramadan gifts were distributed in the gathering.


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