UNICEF Expresses Concerns Over Plight Of Nigerian Children


More than half of Nigeria’s 198 million people live in poverty, most of them in the North of the country, where children face the biggest risks to their health and education.

Concerned with the plight of  Nigeria’s children, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), is committed to realizing children’s right, to help them build a strong foundation with the best chance of fulfilling their potential.
This was contained in UNICEF’s new document, which provides a glimpse into the organisation new country
program and its goal by 2022.
According to the document, UNICEF believe  children’s rights begin before birth: from ensuring mothers have access to good neonatal care and deliver in a clean, safe environment, to reaching adulthood as responsible, healthy and informed parents to the next generation
“This journey relies on a child having access to shelter, good nutrition, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and education”, it highlighted.
The document maintained that the organisation programmes target those children who are deprived, including those living with disabilities, in fragile contexts, and affected by rapid urbanization and environmental degradation.
” Reaching the hardest to reach with proven, high impact interventions and partnering with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and communities to continue to promote a society in Nigeria where the best interests of children are ensured”, it stated.
New Nigerian reports that UNICEF’s programme for Nigeria is based on the principle of equity, as an advocate for children, it supports the government of Nigeria in placing children’s rights at the center of its decision making, social budgeting, planning and


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