No State In Nigeria Cannot Pay N30,000 Minimum Wage – Oyo NLC Chairman Insists


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Oyo State Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Bayo Titilola-Sodo has disclosed that all the 36 state governors in the country can pay the N30,000 minimum wage.

Comrade Titilola-Sodo said this while breaking fast with journalists at the Oyo state Secretariat of  of the Nigeria Union of  Local Government Employees (NULGE) in Ibadan.

The NLC Chairman pointed out that as at present. there is no state government in Nigeria that cannot afford to pay the N30,000 minimum wage if the governors are ready not to be reckless in their spending of the state fund.

“Gentlemen of the Press. I am delighted to be in your midst in this Holy month of Ramadan, and also to thank you for finding me worthy to break fast with you. It is no more a news that media plays a critical role in reshaping and remodeling the society, which brings about the appellation such as ‘voice of the voiceless; fourth estate of the realm. As we all know, this Holy month of Ramadan teaches us how to better practice self discipline, self control and empathy for those who are less privileged, thus, encouraging hospitality,” he said.

The Oyo state NLC Chairman added, ” this
month is also a special period where God listens to our request, prayers and forgive our shortcomings. With these, we want the state government to emulate this doctrine by also listening to our request, we cannot even call it request but statutory right, and obligation on the part of the government to implement nothing less than N30,000 minimum wage signed by President Buhari’s led Federal government.”

Comrade Titilola-Sodo emphasized that with the present economic situation in the country, it is glaring that the N30,000 minimum wage is not even enough to meet the needs of Nigerian workers.

“We should also know that, if we consider the level of inflation and higher price of essential commodities we rely upon on daily basis for survival, you will all agree with me that N30,000 is even very small to meet these needs on monthly basis. So we want to implore the state government to understand our plight by considering the situation we all find ourselves, and do justice in this regard.”

The NLC Chairman then charged state governors in the country to learn to be people servants rather than being otherwise by showing more commitment to the welfare of their people.

On Oyo state, the NLC Chairman, Comrade Titilola-Sodo urged the state government to obey the rule of law by complying with the implementation of the newly approved N30,000 minimum wage for civil servants in the state.

“We want to request from the governor-elect that workers as a critical stakeholder in the running of government affairs, they should always carry us along in decision making especially those that have to do with the civil service.
We want to appeal to the government particularly the incoming one to use this Holy month of Ramadan and beyond to renew the solidarity and cultivate positive relationships with the workers, labour unions and the society as a whole.
We want to also use this medium to advice the governor-elect that we cannot push aside the issue of sycophancy in running government affairs but we want to advice him to be warry of them, they are around in every corner of leadership, governance and decision making, even in unionism, it takes wisdom in dealing with such situations.”


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