Ilaje Fire: Chevron Absolves Self Of Negligence, Blame


Contrary to allegations of negleect of the people of Ojumole community in Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo State by Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), the General Manager of the Oil Company, Engineer Esimsje Burkin on Tuesday disclosed how safery of lives of the people of the area had remains their major concern.

Addressing the adhoc committee set up by the state House of Assembly, Engr. Burkin said CNL has been  supportive of the communities in its area of operation and sensitive to their concerns.
Commenting on the fire incidence that occurred at Ojumole field in NNPC/CNL JV’s Western Niger Delta area of operation, the GM said, all stakeholders, including the government, regulatory agencies, media and community leaders were duly engaged on efforts of the company aimed at putting out the fire.
According to him, an over flight evaluation of the fire was conducted and also mobilised emergency responders to assess the site, contain the fire and boom the area.
His words , ” a joint Investigation visits (JIV), by a team made up of regulatory agencies, community stakeholders and the company , was carried out on Saturday April 20, 2019 to ascertain the extent of the pill, impact on the environment, if any and cause of the pill”.
The GM assured the peopleo that the combined efforts of Emergency Response contractors to safely put out the fire as quickly as possible, has not yielded results due to the peculiar terrain of the well location, which HSS not made it possible to create an access path to the slot leading to the well head.
Earlier in his address, the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Oloyelogun Bsmidele expressed enjoined Chevron to consider the safety of lives and social welbeing of the people un their heart and put out the fire as quickly as possible.
While  disclosing how members of the House had been having sleepness nights over the ugly incidence, he urged the oil company to see to the cause of the fire and find a lasting solution as an unbiased umpire.
The spokes person of the communities, Dr. Akinruntan urged Chevron to pay due compesation of 2.5 dollars to those vommunitied that are within eight kilometers radius to the fire ravaged area.
He how ever gave a vivid repacaution of possible health hazards that are likely to ravage the lives of the people who are already put of their fishing busines if something urgent is not done.
Other Agencies and stakeholders   that made their various contributions at the meeting were DPR, NEMA , community leaders, Youth leaders among others.


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