Tragedy In Niger: Twins, Four Killed, Four Others Injured In Wild Fire

Two siblings, (twins) and three other persons have died from a fire incident at Kampanin Bobi village of Mariga Area Council of Niger State.
A wild fire from a road side heap of refuse of groundnuts and rice husks at a community known as Kampanin Bobi led to multiple accidents and the death of no fewer than five persons including the twins.
Eye witness account confirmed that a huge refuse dump of largely organic, composite farm waste of rice and groundnuts husks and other similar materials was lit by unknown person(s) in the early hours of the day which resulted in thick, black cloud of smoke that reduced visibility in the immediate area to zero.
Motorists and pedestrians plying the road to and from the adjacent market had difficulties in seeing through the horizon as the thick black cloud of smoke spread in the air thus narrowed visibility for all passersby.
And as unsuspecting motorists plying the road rushed into the sharp bend, they ran into the thick cloud from the burning refuse and instantly lost control in the cloud of smoke.
Five vehicles crashed into the burning refuse in quick succession amongst which were a trailer and four other haulage vehicles ladened with wares and other goods.
Similarly, some houses adjourning the area and several market stalls and shops at the Kampanin Bobi market were raised in the inferno.
Goods whose worth were yet to be quantified were destroyed as a result of the fire incident.
The five persons who died were burnt in the fire which spread from the dump site to the market and the houses around the market.
The twins were caught up in the fire in one of the houses affected by the inferno which spread from the refuse dump.
The mother of the deceased twins however escaped death by whiskers as she is currently admitted to hospital where she and three others who sustained injuries are receiving medical attention from medics.
Acting Chairman of Mariga council area, Musa Yahaya Adamu, while on a visit to the site of the accident and hospital, bemourned the unfortunate loss of lives and properties from the fire incident.
He described the incident as fate and urged the victims to see it as an act of God.
While consoling the families of the deceased, the Acting council Chairman, prayed for the repose of their souls even as he prayed that Allah grants them a place in Paradise.
Our correspondent gathered that the incident had thrown the Kampanin Bobi village and it’s surrounding areas into mourning particularly the death of the twins in the fire incident.


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