RMRDC To Distribute Cotton Seeds To Farmers In North Central States

Chief Audu Ogbeh
High yielding, improved cotton seeds produced by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, (RMRDC) are to be distributed to cotton farmers in the North Central states this week.
The RMRDC, one of Nigeria’s foremost research centres has assured that it would continue to play pivotal role in producing raw materials that would spearhead and improve the country’s economy and spur greater developments.
The specialized improved cotton seeds would be distributed to farmers in the zone on Thursday as part of the council’s contribution to national economic stimulation and development.
The Cordinator of the council in Niger state, John Ahmadu said the council has been working on improving cotton seeds to assist farmers in the country to increase their farm yields and stimulate higher agricultural productivity in the country.
The Niger state Cordinator of the RMRDC said Niger state has array of highly prized raw materials which could be used to grow the economy of Nigeria.
He revealed that the council has, since 2015, been involved in research works on cotton seeds and that it has produced high grade quality cotton seeds for farmers.
John Ahmadu noted that the council was determined to provide improved cotton seeds as a way to raise cotton production by local farmers so as to rejuvenate cotton production in the country for the rebirth of textile industries in the country.
He noted that if there are good cotton produced by our local farmers, textile industries in the country would bounce back to full scale production.
John Ahmadu said the distribution of the cotton seeds to farmers in the north central zone is taking place in Minna, the Niger State capital and urged cotton farmers in the zone to avail themselves of the opportunity to get the improved variety seeds.


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