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(OPINION) The Worst Matriculation Ceremony In History Of Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda

Malam Adamu Adamu, Nigeria's Minister of Education
By; Abdulrazak B. Kaura
It is indeed unfortunate!
Kaura Namoda Community and Zamfara State Government need to wake up from their slumber as the institution is in a dilapidated state.
As a concerned citizen of Kaura Namoda and an alumnus of The Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda, I am compelled by the segregation of the pillars and beams of the institution to write this piece in an attempt to stop it from total collapse
The Polytechnic is consistently moving down with regrettable failures in almost all aspects as it has allegedly been turned to a conduit pipe for looters or saboteurs to the detriment of our community and the state at large.
You may recall the old glory of the institution ranging from academic excellence to reputable standards in management and morality which are no longer available for reasons best known to the  undercover operators.
In serious institutions,  things move well even with limited resources through Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and in some cases, entrepreneurial activities and consultancy services,  but the story is now different in my alma mata, very unfortunate!
In the past, the Polytechnic was regarded as one of the best in Nigeria. However, the institution now rubs shoulders with the least polytechnics in terms of academic excellence and  management efficiency.
Shortfall is the frequent language spoken within the cycle of the management, no commitment to academic excellence on the side of staff. What is important to many of them is what they can get from the system not what they can contribute to make the system better. While the students are at the receiving end, left to suffer for the poor infrastructure of the polytechnic.
The relationship between the institution, government and host community is  allegedly bad and regrettable.  A good example here is, Zamfara State Government as host of the institution is been sidelined by the management of the institution.
Today’s matriculation is my measurement yardstick, not a single official from the state government was invited or was in attendance.
In addition to this, is the low enrollment of students which is also consistently moving from bad to worse and that may be linked to frequent strike actions by various unions in the polytechnic, which normally disrupt academic activities.
As  Abdulrazak, a curious member of the community, I attribute this mess to our I don’t care attitude in the affairs of the polytechnic which serves as a strong economic development of the community and the state as a whole.
It is high time we stood up to our responsibility even if it takes us to protest if at all we need the institution to remain in Kaura Namoda and regain its lost glory.
Some hands in the management and staff of the polytechnic may be clean, but definitely others are very dirty, sabotaging the good efforts of the good ones for their  agenda.  All hands need to be on deck to fight this menace.
The salaries and cash allocations to the school are much higher than what it contributes.  Worriedly, if nothing is done,  the number of workforce may soon be higher than the students.
Measures need to be taken to protect the polytechnic against its ruiners.
The financial misconducts and other irregularities should be decisively dealt with among staff to curb its reoccurrence in the future.
Issues of financial irregularities will be treated in the subsequent    piece.
…to be continued
Good hands will never be offended by this!
A.B. Kaura, an alumnus of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Technology of the institution sent in this piece.
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