Women Hail NURHI On Family Planning

NURHI Kaduna Team Leader, Abdullahi at the workshop

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

The Family Planning woman provider in Jema’a Primary Health Care Centre, Mrs Patience Akapson, has said that the number of women coming for family planning has been on the increase since 2014.

She explained that only a few number of women are not conversant with the family planning, stressing that efforts have been made to sensitized them on the importance and procedures involved in the entire system.

Speaking when some journalists visited the Healthcare, she said, “We go to communities and on market days to make sure we get in contact with many women to practically explain to them what it takes and the importance of family planning for a family especially the women.

“Some clients are yet to understand the importance of family planning; after assessing them and spending so much time and energy explaining and sensitizing them, after they go back to their communities and come back to us you still here different stories.

“The Communities need more sensitization in order to correct some ills information.

“The work is very tedious for me here, as a family woman provider, you have to counsel client individually, do the registration and all the necessary test for them before going back to carry out the procedure all alone, in carrying out this exercise, you’re not expected to keep a client for more than 15 minutes.

We have limited staff here, l am the only nurse at the facility  carrying out this exercise and everyday we get 20 client a times, it has not been easy for me at all.

“I am calling on the government to please deploy more staff to make the job very easy for me.

“Consumables are a great challenge, there is need to work on the distribution pattern. The consumable that was given to us are not enough some have already finished.”

Mrs Akapson called on the government to always look at the high volume side during distribution. “The minimum clients l received every month is about 160 women, sometimes we have to charge client money for some consumables that are not available,” she said.

She added, “We attend monthly meeting where atleast 250 to 300 women attend with youth leaders and traditional rulers where we further emphasized on the need for every married women to go on family planning for better birthday spacing.”

Mrs Hassana Kassimu, a client who visited the facility appreciated all that is being done in the family planning. It was at the monthly meeting that l was sensitized and l was lectured on the use of the utilities.

She commanded NURHI for their effort in sensitizing women by using different platforms.

Another client, Mrs Tina Audu a mother of two children said, “Ever since l started family planning in 2017, I have been enjoying my health and that of my children.

“I have been talking to women anywhere l go on the need  for them to do the family planning for their health, their children and the entire family.”


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