Security Unmoved As Violent Deaths, Burials Become Menu Of Poor Nigerians – Kukah

Members of Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Lagos Chapter protesting against the oppression, suppression and killing of Journalists by government agencies, protest started from NUJ Secretariat to the Governors office in Lagos. August 30, 2018.
Violent deaths and burials have become the menu of the poor in Nigeria while those in charge of their security seem unmoved.
Catholic Bishop, Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah expressed this in the text an Easter message made public on Sunday April 20, 2019, which AUTHENTIC News Daily got a copy of.
“The farmlands and the highway are in the grip of the marauders. With violence and insecurity, many of our people are displaced and glorified refugees.
“The rains will soon be here and there is no guarantee that our farmers will be able to go back to their farms. While the poor defied the elements, risked life and limb to vote, the families of the elite were taken to safety and will only return now that the harvest is ripe” he said.
He said that unlike the ruling class, ordinary Nigerians are honest.
” To the Ordinary Citizens of Nigeria. Our ordinary citizens are clearly more honest in their daily transactions and interactions than those who govern them. Our people have signed on to a life of communitarian existence, marked by a sense of higher virtues of honesty, dignity, good neighbourliness, hard work, justice, solidarity, sharing, fairness and equity.
“Most of them just want to be able to freely offer their labour whether in hewing wood, drawing water, pushing their carts, or breaking their backs on the farms and to reap the rewards for this.
“Sadly, today, those they elected to protect them seem to pander to lower moral values than them.
“To my dear people of Nigeria, hold on firmly to higher values, remain hopeful and
steadfast, and trust in God. The Risen Christ does not abandon us. God is near
and His love never dies. The times are hard, but they will not last forever,” he said.


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