Level Of Trust On Politicians At Lowest Ebb, Kukah Tells Governors, Senators, Others

Voters on queue waiting for their turn to Vote at Maigana Ward in Soba Local Govt area of Kaduna State. Photo: SANI ALIYU

*says voter apathy sends a chilling message to leaders

The level of trust on politicians by ordinary Nigerians has reduced to its lowest ebb, as such, those elected in 2019 must step up their game to bring back confidence on governance.
He expressed this in the text an Easter message made public on Sunday April 20, 2019, which New Nigerian got a copy of, when sending message to the Governors, Senators and the Political Class.
“I believe you already know that the level of trust in politics and politicians is at its
lowest ebb. The very low and embarrassing voter turnout in the last elections is a
measure of how people’s trust in politics and the political class is dwindling.
While wishing them a very happy Easter, he reminded them of the exalted offices they occupy for incumbents and would be occupying when sworn-in.
” I however, wish to remind you of the high position of trust that you occupy. I congratulate those of you whose elections have been concluded while we wait for the Courts in the land to decide on the fate of others.
“Ordinary Nigerians remain unsure as to whether, beyond the change in faces, they can expect any real, qualitative and measurable improvement in their conditions,” he added.
He pointed out that the highest voter turn out was interestingly recorded in areas he described as having lower literacy levels.
“You can also see that it is largely in those parts of Nigeria and in our states with low literacy levels, severely limited capacity for critical thinking, that the voter
turnouts were significant. So far, so many of you have not done much to inspire
confidence in our people that democracy can deliver on our wellbeing.
“I know that many of you mean well and are quite enthusiastic. I know that the
Nigerian bureaucracy in many areas has become a cog in the wheel of
development, service delivery and performance. Notwithstanding all this, we can
do things differently,” he stressed.
Kukah lamented that Nigeria is going through unprecedented trying times.
“Our country is sinking and the destitution which we see in the faces of our people is a mortal sin. I hope thoughts on the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ will help you to appreciate the need to make sacrifices for others,” he prayed.
He said Nigerians are frustrated out of the way they have been abandoned.
“Our people feel too alienated and frustrated. Try and make politics respectable
and honourable by offering inspiration to the young people. I encourage you to
please rise beyond personal ambitions and pettiness and unite across party
affiliation to build a better society. Nigerians are tired of being the butt of jokes
and humiliation in other climes,” he added.


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