Easter: Governor Emmanuel Tells A’Ibom People To Shelve Political Differences

Governor Udom Emmanuel


Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has called on the people of the state to truly reflect on the essence of Easter, shelve political differences and come together to build a greater state where milk and honey will flow for common use by all.

Governor Emmanuel stated this in his Easter broadcast on Friday as the people of the state marked the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel, who noted the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary as a selfless quality that no other living ever did for the sake of mankind, said that imbibing such attitude of love and sacrifice are necessary for the growth and peace in the state.

“Easter is a season of sacrifice; of circumscribing one’s interest, desires and needs for causes that are greater than ours; it also symbolizes victory over the forces of hatred, betrayal, anger and vile temperaments. No one epitomises this selfless quality than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, as we celebrate this great day of sacrifice and spiritual renewal, I want to enjoin you my dear brothers and sisters to follow the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour- Jesus Christ.  I want you to make a solemn pledge that going forward, all ancient animosities, the anger and vile dispositions we may have exhibited against our brothers and sisters, all forces of disunity of division we may have entertained and helped push,  all the  ill-resort to malign, blackmail or  the  urge to pull your brother and sister down in order to advance your personal growth;  the zero-sum tendencies,  the galling feeling of betrayal and back-stabbing that have unfortunately defined our daily engagements with each other should give way to a season of love, of kindred spirit and a renewal of our soul and essence in line with what our Saviour did, at His death and Resurrection”, Governor Emmanuel stated.

The Governor, who also noted the bitterness that went with the just concluded general elections where the chords of brotherhood and amity were severely tested in the state, however said that what is needed afterward is for all irrespective differences to close rank and work together for common good.

“The time therefore, has come for us to close ranks and show love to one another.  We went to the polls as sons and daughters of Akwa Abasi Ibom State joined together by shared hopes and aspirations for our State and our people.  My opponent and I were both motivated by the need to serve our people and advance the cause of our development, but the people have spoken and made their choice. We must respect the will they expressed in my capacity to lead our people for the next four years.

“In the spirit of Easter, I am again inviting my brothers and sisters on the opposite side of the political divide to join hands with me to build a prosperous, safe and secure State where our people will continue to rise and claim the faith of their greatness. This should be no time for mutual recriminations.

“Let us show that politics can and must be more ennobling than how certain people may make it appear. Let us begin to build a new vista of understanding of what political contest is all about: that a winner must emerge and the loser must not be treated with contempt or derision.

“I remain dedicated to promoting and projecting this beautiful virtue – politics that is played without bitterness as the Second Republic politician Late Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim had preached.   Today, I urge you again to celebrate all that is good and ennobling in us. We are great people, of great heritage, and we must stand ready to work together to ensure and sustain a great future for ourselves and our children”.


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