Blood Of Innocent Shed In Nigeria Will Seek Vengeance, Anglican Bishop Warns

The Anglican Bishop of Awka Diocese, Right Reverend Alexander Chibuzor Ibezim has cried out over the continued reckless killing and spill of  innocent blood in Nigeria saying that their blood shall seek revenge.
The bishop who made the assertion in Awka while delivering his Easter message at the Cathedral church of of St. Faith insisted that the blood of human beings are sacred and was not created by God to be wasted like fowls as is the case in Nigeria.
He called on people to identify with the victory of Christ on the Cross by putting an end to all the kidnappings, killings and other atrocities against human beings.
Ibezim also admonished government at all levels to take full responsibilities of protecting her citizens in its totality to ensure that peace and tranquility prevail in the society.
The prelate condemned in it’s totality the incessant killings in the society, saying it is  unBiblical, unethical and misuse of human blood.
He said, “Human blood is sacred. Human being is created in the image of  God. Tbe blood of those killed will ask for vengeance and I advise all to desist from anything that will bring blood shed.  I encourage all to identify with the victory of Christ on the cross of Calvary.
“Christians should re-examine their lives to know if they are still in faith, proclaim Christ as a Messiah and demonstrate servant hood and humility in all they do.”
The Bishop further observed that the death and resurrection of Christ is the basis for Christianity even as he said that Easter gives them hope of resurrection, victory and life after death, urging Christians to hold fast to their faith and remain steadfast in Christ always.


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