Easter: Be Courageous, Speak Against Corruption, Bigotry, Insecurity, Kaduna CAN Tells Christians

Revd Joseph John Hayab
The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State has challenged Christians to brace up and be courageous and rise against evil that has held Nigeria to ransom.
This was contained in an Easter message signed by the Kaduna CAN Chairman,  Rev Joseph John Hayab, made available on Friday.
“Even though the authorities arrested, crucified and killed Christ, his courage to speak out against evil brought about the change the world has experienced after his death and resurrection.
“Given that Nigeria today is faced with serious challenges of insecurity, banditry, corruption, bigotry and many evil atrocities, Christians must join other Nigerians of good will to stand up with courage and speak out against such evils,” he said.
In the message titled, ‘Nigerians Must Courageously Speak Out Against any Evil in the Land’ he said  Jesus, through his earthly ministry, demonstrated the courage to speak out against evil, and especially at Easter.
“Therefore, as Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate the trials, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, they must have the courage to speak out against evil in our land.
“As followers of Christ’s life, the scriptures recorded that Jesus preached and spoke against the evils that bedevilled the society of his time” he charged.
He stressed that evil will not just end, especially when good people remain silent.
“Even in the face of blackmail, physical attack and arrest, fear should not deter Christians & well-meaning Nigerians from speaking out against evil.
Those who use evil schemes to divide us must be exposed.
“Those who take undue advantage of our weak friends and neighbours must also be exposed.
“Those who kill fellow Nigerians should be exposed and made to face the wrath of the law.
“Besides, those who steal or divert public funds should be brought to book.
Nigerians should exploit every avenue to speak out against evil if they genuinely want to bring sanity to our society,” he added.
Hayab said that the Easter celebration cannot be enjoyed with evil occurrences gaining grounds.
“Apparently, we can not truly celebrate and enjoy the victory of Easter when evil reins everywhere and is unchallenged,” he added.
He therefore, called for sacrifices to be made for evil to give way.
“Accordingly, it is appropriate and godly in the spirit of Easter to make sacrifices for our society by speaking out against evil.
“Our prayer for the good of life will only be answered when we denounce evil and those who practice it whether publicly or secretly,” he concluded.


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