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Professor Ikpeme Resumes As CMD At UCTH

Prof. Ikpeme A.Ikpeme, new CMD UCTH, Calabar


In line with his appointment letter by the Minister of Health, Prof. Ikpeme A. Ikpeme, has formally resumed as the new Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH).

Upon resumption of duties, Prof. Ikpeme was conducted round the various departments and offices in the hospital by senior management staff and heads of Departments.

Ikpeme who is not new to the UCTH is an orthopedic surgeon and was the head of orthopedic department in the hospital before his merit basedappointment.

The new CMD, in addition to his professional calling in the medical field, brings to the job, his experiences and qualifications in management practices and human resources management.

He comes with a clear-cut vision and mission statement which is being communicated to staff in order to quickly restore and reposition the UCTH as a reliable first choice reference hospital within its catchment area.

In his interaction with staff, the new CMD called for cooperation and oneness of purpose to achieve early deliverables such as staff re-orientation, retraining, restoration of efficient utility services such as water supply, power supply, security and environmental sanitation.

His words, “we can achieve these deliverables, early enough with the much needed cooperation. Our primary duty of efficient medical and healthcare services is top in the priority list. As such we will have to restore good healthcare practices and functional systems, departmentsa and facilities, while striving for better and modern-age infrastructural facilities. A good image we must have and maintain. Public complain and feedback channels will serve their purposes”.

Adding, “Come with me on this journey. It will be tasking but exciting. There may yet be obstacles but we will overcome them. Above all, He who called us has already equipped us. Together, we will raise our battle cry: UCTH 2019: REBUILD, RESTORE, REBOOT”.



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