Kaduna Assembly Passes New Burial Bill



Kaduna State House of Assembly has on Wednesday, 17th April 2019 passed a bill for a law to regulate the burial of persons whose deaths are registrable and of still born children whose births if they had been born alive would have been registrable 2018 into law.

The passage followed the presentation of the report by its committee on  Lands, Surveys and Country Planning on the bill, in which the paragraph 3 (1) line 7 of the standard rules of the House was set aside to allow the third reading of the bill followed by the passage.

Presiding over the plenary, The speaker Alhaji Aminu Abdullahi Shagali who was  represented by his Deputy speaker, Deacon Nuhu Goroh Shadalafiya said the law cited as the Kaduna State Burials law gain toward  regulating the burials of persons and prohibit the burial of persons in residential dwelling houses in urban areas in the state.

He added that the bill is to also give local governments power to appropriate sufficient funds for the establishment, staffing, maintenance, fencing and security of burial grounds.

According to him, the bill if come into play, the birth of a child and person shall be registered by the registrar of births and deaths of the local Government area and that immediately upon registering any death or receiving information of birth of any still born child, the registrar shall issue a certificate in form A of schedule to the law for the burial of the body.

Unless a magistrate or medical officer in writing order otherwise, no body of a deceased person whose death is registrable or a still born child whose birth if he had been born alive would gave been registrable shall be buried or otherwise disposed off until   a certificate is granted by the Registrar or an order is made by the coroner.

“any person contravening the provisions of this subsection shall on conviction be liable to fine of not less than fifty thousand naira (50,000) only” the bill stated.

The bill further explained that any person who wilfully buries or otherwise disposes off,  the body of any deceased child though born alive, as if it were still born shall on conviction, be liable to a fine of not less than fifty thousand naira (N50,000) only.

meanwhile the Kaduna state house of Assembly has passed a bill for a law to make provission for the conservation ,management and effective use of forest and declaration of forest reserves,prevention of deforestation and control of forests,and for matters connected Thereto2019.

The purpose of this law was to make provision for the conservation,management and effective use of forest and declaration of forest resources, prevention and deforestation control of forest resources.

And also to repeal CAP 49 Laws of Kaduna State and to substitute same with the purposed legislation with a view to conserving, preserving and maintaining the forests and its resources.



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