I Lost March 9, Oyo Guber Election To Coalition Of Five Guber Candidates – Adelabu

File photo: APC governorship candidate in Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Adelabu with ex Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Oyo State in the March, 9 elections, Chief Adebayo Adelabu on Wednesday breaks his silence on the election .

Chief Adelabu in a statement personally signed by him said he lost the March 9 governorship election to “the conspiracy or coalition of five other Guber candidates” in the state.

He maintained that despite losing the election, he remained “the single strongest candidate in the 2019 Guber elections” in Oyo state.

“The devil is in the details like they say,  as a first timer, with 357,000 genuine votes, we remained the single strongest candidate in the 2019 Guber elections claimed to be displaced by the conspiracy or coalition of five other Guber candidates.” he said.

Chief Adelabu stressed that
“electoral losses, as read in history, have made great leaders come out stronger, better and more successful and never to depress or discourage them”, saying, “I take solace in the persistence and tenacity of our 357,000 strong genuine voters (which is larger than what ushered in the last three successive governors) and kindness of history and posterity.”

“Good day to you my people. 2019 elections have come and gone. I want to thank you profusely for the uncommon support, morally, financially and spiritually that you showed me during the last Gubernatorial election. I’m eternally grateful and indebted to you and I believe it’s only the Almighty Allah that can pay you back and in folds too.
Once again, God himself knows the sincerity of our intentions and genuineness of our purpose, so our sacrifices are not in vain, but remain an innocent investment in the desired prosperity of our dear state.”

Chief Adelabu emphasized “whatever happens to a man is either a blessing or a lesson. However in this case, it’s both a blessing “in disguise” and a lesson to come out a better and stronger person.”

He however expressed his determination not to relent on his governorship ambition, saying, “like they say, the joy of the Olympics is not just in winning medals but in the fulfilment of our participation. And I also know that Politics they say is not a 100mtr dash but a marathon which we know always starts with a single step.That heavy and decisive step has been taken through the process of this last election and we wont stop until we reach our desired destination.”

;It is worthy of note that one or two lessons have also been learnt and all these will guide our actions and activities going forward.”


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