‘Commercial Cyclists’ Turn To Minna Primary Schools For Shelter

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State
Unknown persons who pose as commercial motorcyclists in parts of Minna, the Niger State capital are taking over some public primary schools for their shelter at nights.
The unknown persons usually arrive at the public primary schools in small groups at nights after the day’s business and hide under the cover of darkness as they take refuge in the unguarded structures of such schools to pass the night as their temporary shelter.
Investigations revealed that the unknown persons whose identity or wherefrom are not known, set out in the early hours of the day for their daily shuttles in parts of the town and only return in droves back to their chosen, adopted primary schools to sleep without attracting any prying eyes.
But curious Eagle eyes persons in some communities have caught some of the motorcyclists as they move out in numbers of their adopted primary schools in the early hours at dawn before day break.
The development has been reported to authorities in the state even as the state government has directed vigilance by security agencies at primary schools especially those without parameter fences.
The development was part of deliberations at this week state’s security council meeting where the meeting, presided over by Ahmed Muhammad Ketso, Acting governor of the state, told the meeting that some unknown persons were using structures at some unnamed primary schools as their temporary abodes especially at nights.
The meeting directed security agencies to ensure that the development was arrested and the persons involved apprehended promptly.
Sources in outskirts of the state capital hinted that some of the motorcyclists must have been those who streamed into the state from neighbouring states such as Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto aand Birnin Gwari area of Kaduna following increased security challenges there.
In recent times, there have been increased number of commercial motorcyclists especially in Minna, the state capital. Most of the young commercial motorcyclists are not conversant with the names of areas and communities but nonetheless operate as commercial motorcyclists.
They rely on their passengers to guide them on the routes to take and the names of the area where the passenger wants to go to.
Following recent clamp down on commercial motorcyclists by the police, the development has further exposed lot of the activities of some of the cyclists as some of them are criminals.
The state government has consequently directed that henceforth, all commercial motorcyclists must wear registered reflective jackets and that all commercial motorcyclists must have their motorcycles registered with number plates affixed on their motorcycles.
Commercial motorcyclists are not allowed to operate beyond 9:00 at nights and before 6:00am.
The crack down has reduced lots of criminality in the state capital especially since the new onslaught began.


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