Kaduna Veterinary Doctors Benefit From One Day Workshop Courtesy Adamore

Group Marketing Manager, Adamore, Dr. Baba Wageti granting interview to newsmen on the sidelines of the on-day workshop in Kaduna on Saturday April 6, 2019.
A one-day workshop for veterinary doctors practicing in Kaduna has been held on Saturday April 6, 2019 to train them on best days to tackles prevailing poultry diseases.
A total of 50 participants featured in the workshop, held at the Command Guest House, Kaduna.
In an interview with the Group Marketing Manager, Adamore, Dr. Baba Wageti said that the workshop was focused on two core areas
“it is a workshop on two topics, effects of Mycotosis on poultry, and how to manage heat stress in poultry,” he said.
“Mycotosis is a fungal infection that affects poultry and it is becoming severe how to diagnose it and  manage it,” he explained.
Speaking further, he said that It is a free training, as part of a dancer’s corporate social responsibility.
“All expenses taken care of by Adamore. We sell veterinary drugs and services, hence the need to ensure our customers don’t incurs loses as a result of loss of birds.
He said that this was not the first time, but they have organised similar traiings in the past.
“We used to have seminars for farmers but a private veterinary doctor called us  to train them so we obliged,” he added.
He explained that the benefit for the participants would be knowledge that will service farmers to change attitudes that would translate to better profits.
On the track records of the organisation, he explained that they have been adding value to farmers for about thirty years.
“We have a branch in Lagos for the South and one in Kaduna for North. We have been in existence for over 30 years,” he added.


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