CALPED, BREDAC Hold Advocacy Workshop For Kaduna Non State Actors On Budget Strategy

Participants at the CALPED/BREDAC Kaduna Non State Actors Strategic Budget Workshop on April 6, 2019.
Coalition of Associations for Leadership, Peace, Empowerment & Development (CALPED) in collaboration with Budget Research & Development Policy Advocacy Center (BREDPAC) has held a one-day Budget Strategy Session with Non-state Actors Focusing on the 2019 Kaduna State Budget.
 The session, held on Saturday April 6, 2019, attracted no fewer than 25 participants and was held in Kaduna.
According to organisers,the significance of the budget towards addressing and meeting the security and welfare needs of the citizens through effective service delivery cannot be over-emphasized.
“Outside the constitution, the budget remains the most powerful instrument available to the government to achieve our collective aspiration as a people for peace, progress and development.
“The budget process as we have it today, which is now an annual ritual, has not really translated into improvement in the living standard of many citizens,” organisers said..
They further said that it is without doubt that gains have been achieved especially around citizen’s participation.
“The gap, however, is that of ensuring that the actual needs of citizens are what inform the budget and influence the final target outcomes,” they added.
In an interview with our correspondent on a sidelines of the workshop, Head Governance and Advocacy, CALPED, Yusuf Goje said that it was important because it aims to deepen understanding on budget process.
“The impact is that with the new understanding, there will be more engagement and all would be geared towards improving the society,” he added.
He stressed that it was organised to enable the key non state actors to prepare and prioritise what to advocate for ahead of the 2020 Kaduna State budget.
“Citizens don’t know about budget process and don’t know how to advocate for their needs in the budget. It is easy when it is a draft to advocate and  to seek among several things, the geographical balance in project spread in budget,” he explained.


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