(OPINION) Buharism And Revolutionary Self-Reliance: Part 2

File photo: Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi; Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State; Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode; National Chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole; Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo; APC Governorship Candidate in Lagos, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu; President Muhammadu Buhari; Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola and Minister of Labour and Productivity, Sen. Chris Ngige during the APC Presidential Campaign at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Photo: AKINOLA ARIYO
Part 2 of 5 parts series on Buharism as a leadership philosophy
Progress begins with self-reliance, the appreciation of inwardness and its installed capacity to engineer a bolting out of obscurity. In destiny engineering, sky space is not an exclusive domain of any individual or nation but whomsoever that can constructively disengage from destiny gravitational pulls to stretch quality attitude resources skyward, will attain the height that is proportionate   to the quality of attitude resources.
There is an irrevocable semblance between seed sown and the fruits harvested. Many people gamble, sowing corn and midway, expect to reap apple that their taste bud has a superior preference for. It is self-ridicule to refuse to pay the price and yet expect the gains.
Crumb mentality, wherever it exists, including the importation of staled rice, must be banished out of vogue for development to enjoy its right of way. Re-engineering our hitherto stigmatizing   quality of life to catch up with resources-approved world class quality of life is feasible, of course most profitable and it emancipates from the shackles of dependency  syndrome. Self-reliance that maximizes self-worth is a certificate of discharge from bondage. It amplifies contribution mentality and relevance maximization.
If we continue to despise or fail to appreciate the affluence and influence of attitude resources, we will deny ourselves of the robust return on investment in destiny and in particularly in politics. The dividends of integrity governance will remain elusive except we demonstrate best practices of neighbor-keeping social obligation.
If we admire secretly or openly to be as developed as China but the pre-condition of growing conscience-alive values with action – effects that are seasoned with salt and value-adding are still strangely repulsive to us, it will frustrate our development. The love of money, for instance, that plagues the workplace with greed-infested fingers to cannibalize the flow to neighbors, of their legitimate entitlements particularly at public workplaces is alien  to Chinese culture.
Similarly, we crave to have a corruption-free election like the United States of America but ironically, we have a stubborn distaste for the pre-condition of hate of covetousness. When vanity-inflamed values and practices make a people to monetize everything including an electoral process, the consequences can be unpleasant.
In our recent history, 2019 election is the least monetized due to the deliberate efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government’s insistence that politicians should ride on character rather than profusely out-flowing content of purse, to power. Of course, the development was irritating to many politicians.
Corporate budgets of political parties for campaign were lean and the flamboyant release of campaign dollars that we witnessed in the eve of 2015 presidential election was aborted as a result of the prying eyes of the agents of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The streets were also not crowded with branded campaign vehicles of parties and candidates.
The perks and luxuries that are associated with political offices are so alluring that they fuel uncontrolled desperation for power.  In the event of an obstructed attempt of politicians to enforce an auction bargain for a political position in electioneering, the ensuing ultra violent anger will devise unconventional vents to ooz out.
Buharism, an integrity-controlled leadership culture that is antagonistic to vanity- inflamed appetites is sanitizing our political landscape. It is only under President Muhammadu Buhari, with his uncommon restrictive use of power that an electoral umpire and the courts can restrain the party that controls the center from fielding candidates in a state for general elections. Recently, His Excellency verbalized his choice to distance himself uncommonly, from the supplementary gubernatorial elections in his pursuit of the enforcement of the freedom of choice in an electoral  process, a cardinal pillar of democracy.
We will always have electoral malpractices though in a declining proportion until we re-tool our character to have a perfect distaste for vanity-inflamed values and pursuits. If we frustrate the reign of financial integrity, moral integrity, honesty, love, contentment, hate of covetousness etc. we will be self-restrained on jungle journey.
What a self-help, to evaluate leadership performance, not restrictively on tangible infrastructures delivered but more importantly, as we are just emerging from jungle journey, courtesy President Muhammadu Buhari’s integrity governance, on intangible benefits generated and in particular the reform of perverted value system.
Also, in scoring leadership, we must focus, particularly now that we have conscience-alive leadership, on the  effect of corruption fight-back that turn the wheels of progress retrogressively. President Muhammadu Buhari dares pleasantly, to take unpopular decisions that accrue immeasurable benefit to the masses though they may disconnect the rich and powerful from unearned gains at the expense of the masses.
Are most Nigerians not proud of their fatherland now, for the demonstrated competences, hard-to-match, by President Muhammadu Buhari’s courageous and enriching decisions that have made us to be self-reliant in rice production with multiple farming circles per year that result in seven million metric tones of home-grown rice? Central Bank of Nigeria’s initiative and support for rice millers as it did to rice farmers which spurred accelerated rice output, will crash the price of rice.
Supportively championing by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led All Progressive Congress, as political education strategy, an aggressive campaign for the assimilation of the all-rewarding philosophy of self-reliance to states, local governments, schools and the grassroots will be a unique value-adding enterprise. It will inflame creativity, innovation, inventiveness and potential maximization that will naturally usher-in industrial revolution.
Additionally, it will conserve scarce resources for infrastructural development and reverse, for instance, our unproductive tradition of preferring to keep our hands idle for a country with an inferior comparative advantage in red palm oil production to export the commodity to us.
Self-reliance is a strategic repatriation of jobs, wealth, peace, prosperity, joy and future security that were smuggled out of the country by dependency syndrome.
Further the campaign should be in the pursuit of zero tolerance of unrealized potentials that will frustrate our strange delight in waste culture including idle time, idle dream, idle hands, idle potentials, talent abuse, tail aspirations and post-harvest waste of farm produce.
The catalogue of other indicatives of waste culture include idle mind, idle telephone handset application, idle resources, unapplied idle knowledge, idle backyard for growing vegetables and unclaimed destiny crowns.
Self-reliance has entrepreneurial component that frowns at wastes. It tames the ultra violent money appetite that remote corrupt tendencies. It has, as a high yield instrument of governance, innate force that drive aspiration to register a generational footprint, enrich with the benefits of the dignity of labour as well as maximize relevance and inventiveness.
Our dignity security and indeed, that of the black race is dependant significantly on our unrelenting pursuit of the philosophy  of self-reliance. With President Muhammadu Buhari’s target-oriented governance, ‘next level” will expansively deliver assorted fortunes that will shoot up our quality of life competitively. Nigeria will be rich and prosperous, not necessarily because of the all-inclusive deposits of natural resources but principally, because of enriched character that governs the exploitation of the endowments.
Is it not entertaining that a former refused-to-develop nation is now striving aggressively to compete and capture a sizeable share of world market in rice supply? Self-reliance will fuel our new found ambition to partner in shaping the world, a natural resources-assigned obligation.
Igiebor,  a commentator on public affairs,  writes in from Kaduna he can be reached via email: alsuccessculture@gmail.com    
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