I Will Run Inclusive, Participatory Government – Bauchi Governor-Elect

Senator Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor


Bauchi Governor-elect under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has pledged to run an inclusive and participatory government when he assumes the mantle of leadership of the state.

Senator Bala Mohammed in a post-election broadcast in the early hours of today said, “I accept this responsibility with humility and I truly understand its meaning, that you expect me to be a servant of the people”.

The governor-elect also pledged to lead the charge for the restoration of hope over despair and good over evil, noted that at the core of the mandate ‘is the drive to give Bauchi citizens a better prospect and greater opportunity for a prosperous life’.

He recalled that almost four years ago, citizens of the state voted a government they believed would usher in a new and radical beginning, regretting however that this dream turned out to be a nightmare with scandalous consequences that made the people doubt that their children will ever have a better future.

“As a father, I feel a sense of moral outrage that many of our once very ambitious youths have become completely demoralized and reduced to thuggery and drugs addiction”, he stated, assuring that he will consider it not only his duty, but his desire to labour for the empowerment of the state’s teeming youths.

Senator Bala Mohammed assured that his government will be determined to launch a pro-business, pro-market agricultural economic revolution within the next four years with the aim of winning majority citizens to believe in new ideas and rapidly pull Bauchi state into 21st century.

“As a matter of fact, it is the failure of the outgoing administration to fulfill virtually all its electoral promises that boomeranged to its rejection by the citizens of the state”, he said.

The governor-elect added, “The citizens have chosen through the ballot box never again to leave the destiny of their state in the hands of those who lack vision, motivation and capacity to drive the change they desperately need”.

He also expressed dismay that Bauchi citizens have been subjected to grave and unprecedented economic deprivation and political persecution with the ambitious youths demoralized and reduced to thuggery and drugs addiction.

Senator Bala Mohammed who craved for a hitch free transition exercise with the outgoing government, said he will after the take-over engage men and women that are best qualified who will be responsible and accountable to run an efficient and transparent government.

He commended the chairman and members of the PDP, Director-General of the Governorship campaign council and his team, Right Hounarable Yakubu Dogara and father – Muhammad Bello Kirfi, other outstanding statesmen, religious, traditional and community leaders, as well as the coalition of political parties, media and social media for a job well done and labored relentlessly for his victory.

Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed was earlier declared winner of the 2019 Bauchi governorship elections by the Returning Officer, Professor Kyari Mohammed. Bala of the PDP polled 515, 113 votes to defeat the incumbent governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar with 500, 626 votes in the elections.

Prof. Kyari declared, “I Professor Kyari Mohammed hereby satisfy that I was the Returning Officer for the Bauchi Governorship elections held on the 9thMarch, , 23rd March and concluded 25thMarch, 2019.

He submitted, “Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of the PDP having satisfied the requirements of the Law and scored the highest number of votes is hereby declared the winner and is returned elected”.



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