Kaduna North Reps Member, Samaila Threatens PDP Chieftain With Law Suit Over Defamatory Statement

APC Lawmaker Samaila Sulaiman


The Kaduna North member in the Federal House of Representatives, Samaila Suleiman has threatened to initiate court proceedings for libel and defamation against a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Abel Abaji, if the opposition chieftain fails to withdraw his damaging statement within seven days.

Abaji was reported on Guardian TV accusing Suleiman of conniving with security personnel to manipulate the just concluded House of Assembly elections in favour of the All Progressives Congress candidates in Kaduna State.

The PDP chieftain reportedly accused Nigerian Army of conniving with Suleiman to support the APC to win assembly elections.

Hurt by the report, Suleiman placed Mr Abaji on notice to withdraw the statement and apologize within seven days, failing which he would seek redress in court.

Describing the allegation as a mischievous concoction deliberately designed to smear his personal integrity and reputation, Suleiman vowed to seek legal restoration of his trampled fundamental right unless Abaji withdraws the statement.

Hon Samaila stressed that his role was legitimately that of a Constituency Returning Officer and nothing more. He then stated that the office of a Constituency Returning Officer is without prejudice to wherever the officer hails from.


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