Why It Is Important For Journalists To Conduct Budget Analysis – NURHI Expert

Youth Programme Officer NURHI, Aisha Salisu Waziri presenting a paper on Budget Analysis and Tracking during the two-day Budget Monitoring Analysis and Score Card System Training in Kaduna on Friday March 15, 2019.
It is important for media practitioners to conduct analysis on budgets for several reasons, including ascertaining how relevant it is to meeting the needs of the people.
Youth Programme Officer Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), Aisha Salisu Waziri expressed this while presenting a paper on Budget Analysis and Tracking, at the second day of the two-day Budget Monitoring Analysis and Score Card System Training in Kaduna on Friday March 14, 2019.
 “Some of the reasons why it is important to conduct budget analysis includes ascertain relevance of budget to the needs of the people, understanding of budget allocation and distribution and identifying government’s priority,” she said.
She added that it is important for media practitioners to conduct budget analysis because it enhances participation in budget process,  evaluate government realization of its obligations to the people as well as ascertain whether elected officials are fulfilling campaign promises.
On the laid down approaches that journalists can use to conduct  budget analysis, she explained that they could be issue based, sector based, pogramme/active based  and group or population based.
She added that they could also conduct analysis based on revenue, socioeconomic, output analysis, outcome analysis and impact analysis.
She listed some tips in analysing budgets to include determine how much goes to the people directly, how much goes to private hands and what are the needs for the people.
“Has the budget addressed them? What budgets are omitted? How much goes to the service provision?” Were also listed as tips by the NURHI Youth Programme Officer.
In her presentation titled, ‘Basic Calculations for  Budget Analysis’ Programme Associate Officer, NURHI, Habiba Sani  taught the media practitioners on how to know which sectors get more priority in a budget year.
She also took them on calculations on how to know if the budget for a selected sector is increasing or decreasing.
Habiba used the calculation in answering the question of whether there has been shift in priorities.


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