NURHI Tasks Media Practitioners, CSOs To Use Knowledge Acquired In Helping Humanity

Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiatives (NURHI) State Team Leader, Kabir Mohammed Abdullahi at the Budget Monitoring Analysis and Score Card System Training in Kaduna on Thursday March 14, 2019.
The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiatives (NURHI) has tasked media practitioners and the civil society to use knowledge acquired in trainings organised by it in bettering humanity.
NURHI State Team Leader, Kabir Mohammed Abdullahi, made the appeal in a welcome address at the opening of a two-day Budget Monitoring Analysis and Score Card System Training in Kaduna on Thursday March 14, 2019.
“The knowledge becomes useless if you don’t use it to aid humanity to advance. What you do is to put pressure on institutions to perform better.
“If you are to assess yourselves, would you say you have done well?
“The question we need to ask ourselves today is how have I impacted on humanity?” He queried.
Speaking further, he said that Journalists have the capacity of bringing things to the front burner and ensuring government is held accountable.

“We have moved from just reporting health, but to a deeper knowledge. Once you understand budget, you understand how it works, government constraints and you will be more targeted on how you write.
“When they are faltering you will bring it to the fore and make them adjust,” he said.
The Team Leader further pointed out that nobody except those that are trained, know how to read the budget.
“Only the learned can explain. If you don’t understand, the real value of the figures, you cannot explain,” he added.
He said that unlike what is obtainable in Nigeria, over time, time should not affect value of currency, except the quality of what you are purchasing.
“In the developed clime, inflation is kept at one digit. Even after 30 years, it should remain relatively stable. Government should keep inflation down,” he advised.
He said that the media and civil society has a role to play in ensuring government is effective, efficient and less wasting.
“We are here today to do a budget training, share knowledge and appreciate ourselves.
“But beyond that some of us have gone ahead, now you have a media forum but sometimes I ask myself, has the media forum achieved its aim, is is sustainable, do you still have the passion, what have you been able to do with the knowledge you have gained?” He queried.


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