Elections Peaceful In Kaduna – el-Rufai

Governor el-Rufai casting his vote.


Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on Saturday said, he’s confident that the election is going to be peaceful as most of the people are there in good faith to cast in their votes.

The governor arrived at his polling unit in Unguwan Sarki at 8:15 am and  took his place on the queue to cast his vote in the governorship and State House of Assembly elections in Kaduna.

The Governor who was on the queue for about one and half hours, said the people were coming out from their various houses to cast in their votes.

“I was worried that today elections will not reach the turn out of the Presidential election.”

He said, with the report he was getting, the turn out will be more than Presidential election.

According to him, “there was no big issue on the card reader and voting started  more or less on time,  INEC have improved significantly  from the reports that I am  getting across the state,” he said.

el-Rufai said that in about 5,000 polling units across the state,  arrangements are similar,  with improved logistics.

“The security agencies have also improved. In  the this polling unit alone,  I can see  five to six uniformed personnel comprising the police, immigration,  customs and prison service  this is very helpful in making the people feel safe and secured to come out and vote.

“Initially when I came in voter turnout was discouraging  but when I joined the  the queue, it  had lengthened and more and more people are trooping out  to vote, this is very encouraging.

“But as you can see now people have come out enmass to cast in their votes this has shown that the election for 2019 is a well organized one.

“I am confident that  with the looks of things we will match or even surpassed the voters turned out of two weeks ago.

“He prayed by the grace of God,  so far Elections is peaceful, arrangements have much improved and arrangements were well enhanced.

“I am confident that everything will work out fine well not only in this Polling Unit, but all the Polling Unit across the state.”

The governor congratulated INEC for coming out on time as there were no major issues on card readers.


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