Polls: Vote Peacefully, Buhari Tells Kaduna State

President Muhammad Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday, urged the people of the state to ensure that the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections are  conducted as  peaceful and free exercise.

The President made this known when he came  to commission the Emergency Notification Centre in Kaduna.

Muhammadu Buhari said, he was delighted to be in Kaduna,  he sincerely thanked the people of the state for their peaceful conduct during the 23rd February,  2019 Presidential and Senatorial Elections in the state.

Speaking on securities in the state, he said tackling the security challenges across the country requires intense cooperation by the federal and the state governments,  while he assured of his support to the state.

According to him, the Kaduna State Government has provided  land for  the construction of Kafanchan operations base of the Nigerian Army.

Buhari welcomed the state government’s provisions of accommodation facilities for the Permanent Mobile Police College in Kafachan Area.

The President assured that, the federal government has given the necessary support to  efforts of the Kaduna State Government to improve security in the state.

He further said, when the state government requested an approval to procure land along the areas for security purposes, the National Security Adviser on behalf of Federal Government was able to mobilise.

Explaining that, it was a collaboration between the Nigerian Airforce and the Kaduna State Government, saying that every  successful acquisition and deployment of this technology is for enhancement of  internal security.

Buhari commended the decision of the Kaduna State Government to commit the significant resources  required for infusing the technology into the security architecture.

He disclosed that Kaduna State is the first to embark on global investment, the President  approved the vision and determination of APC administration in the state.

“I am aware of a rear surveillance and motoring system include a combination of fixed winds and drones and high resolution camera across the state,” he said.

The President was  impressed that the drones were able to use their camera to real time information even in darkness and  jungles.

He advised strongly the management of the surveillance system to closely liase with the federal government system and military Defence to safe guild civilians.

He noted that,  Kaduna State Government requested for the relevant federal agencies to issue the final approval  for the system to become immediately operational.

Describing that, operations  require a close and continuous collaboration across the state and federal agencies.

He assured the government and the people of  the Kaduna State that they can  always count on the necessary support and cooperation from the federal government.


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