Consultant Lists Benefits Of PERL Kaduna Media Engagement To Journalists

Participants of the Media Engagement to Strengthen the Understanding of Media on Education Policies and Practices Towards Building Public Confidence and Trust on the School System in Kaduna State listen to PERL Consultant, Hadiza Umar (left) as she lectures them on Wednesday March 6, 2019.


At the end of a two-day training  facilitated by the Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL)  capacity of media practitioners would have strengthened on education policies and strategic guidelines in Kaduna State.

Consultant to PERL, Hadiza Umar expressed this during day-one of the training titled, ‘Media Engagement to Strengthen the Understanding of Media on Education Policies and Practices Towards Building Public Confidence and Trust on the School System in Kaduna State’ at the opening ceremony on Wednesday March 6 in Kaduna.
in a presentation titled, ‘Role Of Media In Implementation Of The Partnership Fund’ she said that the media practitioners at the workshop stand to gain a lot.

“By the end of this training, the Media capacity would have been strengthened on education policies and strategic guidelines and practices in Kaduna State.
“There is also expected to be improved media engagements/discourse on state education policy programmes (towards ensuring policy implementation),” she said.
Media surveillance to ensure implementation of the education policy.
Hadiza further explained that it would encourage the application of innovative and effective communication strategies in the area of training.
Speaking further, she stressed that it would translate into sustained media activities to engage the government and citizens on educational reforms.
She however, challenged the journalists to always understanding the audience they are targeting, with a view to ensuring that the communication is effective.
“Always remember the Uses and Gratification Theory of the Mass Medua,; Selective perception, retention, exposure,” she advised.
The OERL Consultant said that for their various media to attract readership, viewers hip or listeners, they are expected to build public confidence and trust.
“Why people should choose us includes, credibility, clarity, news worthiness, consistency, innovation, relevance, balanced reporting, transparent, boldness,” she lectured.


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