African Leadership Development Centre Begins Two-day Workshop On Conflict Reporting For Kaduna Journalists

L-R: Uchenna Arisuku of the African Centre For Leadership Strategy and Development Uchenna Arisuku of the African Centre For Leadership Strategy and Development and the acting executive director of the centre, Mr. Monday Osasa during the workshop for journalists in Kaduna on Monday March 4, 2019.
African Centre For Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) has commenced a two-day training for Kaduna based journalists on conflict sensitive reporting.
In his welcome address,  acting Executive  Director, Mr. Monday Osasa  in said that the training is basically a conflict sensitive journalism workshop, aimed at ensuring positive development.
“It is to remind us of things we have forgotten or things we don’t know. The training basically is to train us on how to report conflict situations.
“If anything is happening, if the media doesn’t report it, no one will know. As part of the agenda setting role, it is what you want the people to discuss that they will discuss. It is a time we need to be sensitive in our reporting,” he said.
Speaking further, he said that their vision is ensuring change in an African setting where there is positive change.
“That you are here today, shows you are part of that force for positive change,” he said.
He expressed delight that all the notable media houses in Kaduna were represented in the workshop.
“We are happy that all the media that makes people to know what transpires in Kaduna State are all here,” he expressed.
He assured that the resource persons are sound and knowledgeable to ad value and capacity to the participants.
“We have a professional journalist that will take us through what we need to know. Mr. Lanre Arogundade is a doyen in the media industry and will take us through what we need to know.
“The choice of bringing him is deliberate because we need someone of his calibre to come and stimulate discussion here,” he added.

Earlier, Uchenna Arisuku of the  African Centre For Leadership Strategy and Development explained that the training was part of activity of a  larger project.

“Other projects include meeting with key stakeholders like traditional and religious leaders,” he added.

He stressed that the workshop was aimed at engaging journalists in agenda setting in shaping opinions and creating enabling environment for peaceful elections.


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