Killings Robbing Southern Kaduna Of Unity – Coalition Of Nationalities


*say ruling party shortchanged them

A group, Coalition of Southern Kaduna Nationalities  (CKSN) has decried incessant killings taking place in their zone, blaming it for lack of unity experienced in the area.
This was contained in a text of statement, read by Dr. Yusuf Gandu Magaji on behalf of the coalition on Saturday in Kaduna.
“It is sad to note that incessant kidnappings and killings of innocent citizens of southern Kaduna nationalities which started as a joke has persisted despite countless assurances by security agents on their resolve to control the situation. Series of peace meetings and signing of peace memorandums have been done but have not yielded result either.
“Countless men, women and children have lost their lives and are still dying for no offence of theirs committed against anyone. Permit me to use this opportunity to sympathize with the families of victims of all the cold blooded massacres with special emphasis on the most recent Kajuru and Kachia Local Governments’ incidents.
“The Southern Kaduna nationalities condemn the killings in total terms and observe that it is rubbing us of our unity. We call with strong voice on all the state security outfits to be sincere, committed and to live upto expectations. It is our deep but sincere conviction that the situation is already getting out of hand. This must be stopped because it cannot continue like this. If the situation is allowed to overstretch its bound, it will be sad for Kaduna state,” the coalition said.
They pointed out that the people of Southern Kaduna, having come together under the group CSKN wish to address the press  on serious issues of common concern.
“Having made wide consultations and conducted series of serious meetings, the outcome of our discussions favoured that a press conference be conducted to make the world know our common feelings regarding the security as well as the political situation in Kaduna State,” they said.
They lamented that the ruling party has shortchanged their people.
“While we agree that the ruling party has short changed the Southern Kaduna people and has not treated us fairly and justly in the past four (4) years, the result of which we stick to the opposition as viable alternative, there is a reason to become skeptical with PDP today. This is by virtue of the betrayal of trust glaringly emanating from the PDP camp. There is ample reason to doubt the sincerity of key party stalwarts by the strength of the results of the elections of the 23rd February, 2019.
“The result of the 23rd February, 2019 elections show that PDP won overwhelmingly in the Southern Senatorial Zone. This stresses a fact that Zone 3 remained faithful and voted for the party in-mass. However, in sharp contrast, the party performed woefully in Zone 1 as their loyalty was on APC.
“The key issue here is that most of the party heavy weights, and those that benefited during PDP’s reign concentrate in Zone 1, yet they failed to deliver their wards to the party. We view this as a betrayal of the Presidential candidate in contrast to our bond which questions our continuous loyalty to her.
“How can one justify that Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi a former Governor and National Leader of the party cannot deliver his ward? How can one be convinced that Isa Ashiru, the gubernatorial candidate cannot deliver his ward? How can we be convinced that Namadi Sambo, Ramalan Yero and Ambassador Sule Buba failed in delivering their wards?
“Two issues resonates thus, it is either a case of unpopularity or mischief against the party. Notwithstanding our understanding that a desperate ruling party can use the power of incumbency to manipulate results against the opposition, it is glaring that the gap scored is unbelievable wide in favour of APC which is unacceptable. Thus, it convince us that it is a case of wilful renegation of the common understanding between Zone 1, 2 and 3 to be loyal and keep faith with the party.
“Furthermore, while many places have cried foul against their figures announced by INEC, no one has contested the figures from Zone 1. This indicates acceptance of the figures announced as authentic.
“Permit me at this juncture to note that, the zeal and commitment of Ben Bako from Zone 3 led to his arrest by security agents. While other politicians invited by the security along with him were let go unconditionally, Ben had been under illegal detention without justification. It looks as if he has also been forgotten by the party stalwarts. We call for his unconditional release and guarantee for his freedom to politick.”


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