Buhari Deserves More Than 2m Votes From Borno – Ali Modu Sheriff

President Muhammad Buhari
Former Governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff, said on Friday that the 830,000 votes scored by President Muhammadu Buhari in last Saturday’s presidential election in the state fell short of his expectation.
According to him, Buhari who was the presidential standard bearer of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) deserved not less than two million votes from the state under normal circumstances.
Sheriff who premised his position on what he described as the tremendous achievements of the Buhari administration, especially in the area of security, spoke to State House correspondents after the Juma’at prayer at Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja.
Narrating his personal experience on the precarious security situation in the North east of Nigeria before the advent of the current administration, Sheriff said he was unable to visit his home town for four years owing to the nefarious activities of Book Haram insurgents.
Accordingly, he dismissed the complaints by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) claiming that the votes recorded by the APC candidate in most northern  states, especially Borno and Ypbe were suspect.
He said: *President Muhamamdu Buhari within the last four years has done more than what any other President has done in this country.
“He came into power when the oil price was less than $30. I am not surprised about the victory because Nigerians are very smart people, we know what is good for our country, we know the right thing to do at any given point in term.
“If you look at the antecedents of all the people that contested elections with President Buhari, none has 10 per cent of his credibility. This is a man that is not interested in what every Nigerian is interested in: to grab wealth and enrich themselves. He is there for the Nigerian people, he believes Nigeria should be better than where we are.
“He had very simple message  at the campaigns, that we have started fighting corruption, building the economy and lives of Nigerians need to be improved. The message resonated with Nigerians because for instance, I did not go to my village for four years before the 2015 elections.
“Boko Haram had occupied all our local government areas in Borno but today, you can drive to any part of Borno. So whatever the people of Borno did for Mr. President last Saturday, we are only saying thank you for what he has done. If the atmosphere was clearer, Borno would have produced two million votes.
“So, I don’t know why the PDP  is grumbling where the registered voters are more than two million and we only gave the president 830,000.
“As a governor, the president got over a million votes in Borno, why didn’t they complain then? They are just crying foul for nothing. This election was the most transparent election that ever took place in the history of Nigeria and I stand to be corrected. They should just embrace peace. The should accept their defeat and replan for 2023 if we are all alive. But this election has been won and won transparently.”
Reminded that the opposition didn’t see election as transparent, the former governor replied:
“Why didn’t they complain when they won all south eastern states? The south east came out to vote for their son who was the vice presidential candidate in that election, you don’t blame them. The northern Nigeria, we have our father, brother and son as a candidate and we came out enmass to support him, there is no issue about it. If they don’t accept it they can go to court.”


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