Opposition Parties Gang Up Against APC In Oyo State Can’t Win Them Guber Seat – Adelabu

APC governorship candidate in Oyo state, Chief Adebayo Adelabu acknowledging cheers from APC at the flag off of his campaign in Ibadan recently.

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has declared that the gang up by opposition political parties in the state cannot earn them the state  governorship seat.

Also, the APC governorship candidate emphasized that Governor Abiola Ajimobi is not his godfather but  his mentor and that he cannot be his stooge.

Chief Adelabu who said these  during a chat with journalists at his Bayse One hotel vowed  APC will still beat all the opposition political parties even if they join force and become one, adding, Adelabu while insisting that APC remains the party to beat in the coming elections.

Chief Adelabu  pointed out that the alliance by the opposition political parties in Oyo state ” is a testimony that none of them can single-handedly defeat” him and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the March, 2 governorship election.

“Their alliance is a testimony that none of them can single-handedly defeat Adelabu. They are seeking help and it is good. The level of support for Adelabu and the APC is overwhelming, let them come together. It means that no political party can defeat APC in the state,” he said.

Chief Adelabu added,  “let all the opposition political parties come together and become one, the APC will still beat them. If I don’t stand a chance, I will not say that. Forget about social media noise. We are competing against people who have contested before.”

The APC governorship candidate declared that one of those in the “gang up, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Engineer Seyi Makinde cannot score up to 100, 000 votes in the March 2, governorship election.

” I will be surprised if Seyi Makinde of PDP get 100,000 votes. People are not mad, they know what they want. They know the people they want to vote for. Philanthropist is different from politics. They know that they are two different things. I have been a philanthropist than any of them, it is just that I don’t make what I do in philanthropy know to the public. I know that God Almighty Allah will reward me. I am doing it because of hereafter when I meet my God.”

Speaking further, Chief Adelabu gave reason why many of the politicians in Nigeria do not invest in their states. saying it was as a result ” of fear of attacks”.

,According to him,  majority of the politicians in Oyo state and Nigeria in general do not like to invest in their home states because of fear of attack of their investments, family members and property by the people who know the locations of their investments “when they mess up”.

He maintained that core politicians in Oyo state have no or little investments in the state, but that  as for him he has been investing  in the state over the years because he has nothing to fear.

“Majority of politicians in Nigeria don’t invest in their states. Typical politicians will not invest in their state where they do politics because of the fear of being attacked. They will not invest in their states because they know that the people will attack them and their investments when they are not performing and when they mess up. Go and cheek, that is why they don’t invest in the state where they do politics. Ask them, what is their investments in Oyo state.

“I have investments in Oyo state more than any of them. I have been investing in the state over the years. Go and cheek. I have a foundation that is taking care of the aged,  I have been given scholarship to students for many years and I have investments across the state. I have investments in the state more than any of them who said he want to govern the state.  But, I decided to join politics because of the love for the people. I am not mad. How can you leave certainty for uncertainty?  I left my position as CBN Deputy Governor (Operations) for politics. I will not resign if I don’t stand a chance.

“I can’t promise you absolute transformation. I can’t build on zero, I have to start from what someone has done, you need that foundation and that is the foundation I am going build on. This will make my job easier. The laws that is applicable now, we will amend it. It is a matter of decision. It is a matter of dialogue. Ajimobi will not force me to do anything to do anything that I think is bad. Because, I know him, he likes the.state”.


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