2019: Kaura Has Resolved To Vote SDP Candidate, Dislodge Incumbent, Honourable Gwani



As the 2019 general elections gain momentum, the people of Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State have resolved to come out en mass and vote for Hon. Joseph Afang for the seat of House of Representatives and send the incumbent, Hon. Gideon Gwani to compulsory retirement.

Group of women in Fada ward, the same ward with the incumbent House of Reps member, Hon. Gideon Gwani, during his rally, expressed readiness to vote for Afang massively.

“We’re overwhelmed with the SDP candidate and we are bound ready to send him to the National Assembly.

” We believe in his candidature and what he can offer to us. He knows our plight and he has been a major philanthropist in our community.”

Factor as he’s fondly called, has proved to be a grassroots politician, stabilizer, a bridge builder, a man of impeccable character and also a game changer.

In Mallagum, Kpak, Manchok, Kadarko, Agban and Kukum ward have also expressed optimism to support Hon. Afang.

A female supporter in Kadarko ward, Mrs. Grace Alheri, said,” Joseph Afang doesnt need to campaign, his antecedents have proven who Factor is.

“He is a star in the wilderness that can never be hidden. We have been searching for credible leaders who will champion the course of the common man and Afang’s pedigree is so endearing to us.”

A/politician from Manchok ward disclosed that, there are lots of us that are working assiduously for Factor. I am a APC member but I am not concerned about party but, rather, the credibility of the candidate that will deliver credible leadership.

“We have been soliciting support for him, I don’t know but his good deeds are speaking for him.

While in Kpak ward Mr. John Thadeus, said,” We are tired with deceitful leadership by the present House of Rep member. We are committed to retire him back home. We wont allow him to hide under the banner of PDP to seek relevance.


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