8 Talents Discovered From Triple Edge Sword Sporting Events – TERWOH SSC CEO

Health and Happiness Foundation Founder/CEO, Dr. Saidu Hashim and his counterpart from TERWOH SSC, Suraj Ola Abdulwahab in a group photograph with some of the participants of the Three Edge Sword at the Murtala Square, Kaduna on Saturday February 9, 2019.
No fewer than eight talented players were discovered at the TERWOH Sports and Skills Centre (SSC) Triple Edge Sword Seminar and Sporting Events, held at the Murtala Square on Saturday February 9, 2019.
This was disclosed  by the CEO of TERWOH SSC, Suraj Ola Abdulwahab, after the event.
Abdulwahab disclosed that the eight talents who were discovered were automatically drafted into TERWOH Sports Football Team.
He said the event tagged triple edge sword was aimed to tackle three different things that kill the young mind.
“It was organised to solve problem of drug abuse, irresponsible use of phones and to check against electoral violence and bullying in schools, snatching of phones as well as issue of gambling.
“Drug abuse is the mother of all vices. We also encouraged them that they can come to our centre for free to engage in various sporting activities,” he added.
He explained that they invited teams from New Pantelka, Old Panteka, Avakoa, Kurmin Mashi, Unguwar Rimi, Kakura, Hayin Danmani and others.
“We had eight teams in attendance, who featured in different sporting activities.
“Soccer, badminton, horse riding, table tennis, athletics, cycling and swimming was also scheduled but could not hold because only one swimmer turned up,” he said.
He assured that  soon, they would be hosting a bigger event targeted at youth from all over Kaduna State.
Earlier, he told the participants that they were happy for the success of the competition.
He said it was not only targeted at eliminating drugs abuse, but also to urge youth and teenagers to stay away from all vices.
In a lecture as part of the even, Health and Happiness Foundation Founder/CEO, Dr. Saidu Hashim told  the participants that youth and teenagers should not even start getting involved in drug abuse because it kills and destroys.
“You are the future of this country. Please I appeal to you not to even get involved in drug abuse in order to secure the future,” he added.
Hashim, who is passionately committed to reducing drug abuse, disclosed that plans have been concluded to set up a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.
The event was organised by TERWOH SSC in collaboration with Health and Happiness Foundation.


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