2019: Atiku Support Group Yearns For True Federalism

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
 Ahead of the 2019 elections, the Atiku National Support Group has charged all the presidential candidates to make work a true and genuine  Federal character in all areas of the country come 2019 election.
This was discussed during a debate organised by the group to sensitised all presidential candidates.
Justice was done to the topic titled, “Federal Character and the 2019 Election by the duo Nigerians, Okey Obiozo, a journalist and social commentator from Anambra state and comrade Israel Akintola, an activist and public affairs analyst from Oyo State.
Okey Obiozo contended that Federal Character was a distraction that sacrificed merit for the sake of satisfying interest groups, while choking individual talent, drive and enterprise.
Israel Akintola’s position, on the other hand, was that Federal Character gives all sections of the country a sense of belonging and participation in government as well as serving as a check on nepotism.
The debate which had the audience clapping with excitement, was well attended and fully exploited by the audience as they used the opportunity to also contribute.
Chairman of the occasion, Elder Marce Anyanwu, who is also the Chairman of the Atiku 2019 National Support Group, commended the debaters, audience and members of the support group. He further announced that the debate was only the first in the series, which will be syndicated to television stations across the country.
The debate was anchored by Director of strategy, Martins Lomba and packaged by Effiong Nyong, Director, media and publicity.


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