Kano Stakeholders Call On Federal Ministry Of Agriculture To Repair More Earth Dams

Chief Audu Ogbeh


The Federal Government has been   urged to repair more dams to provide infrastructure for settlements of  more herdsmen who are scattered everywhere in search of grazing land and water sources for their livestock.

The call was made by the associations of herdsmen at the end of a  unity meeting held between farmers/herdsmen where many important issues were discussed on peaceful co-existence between the two important sides.

Ardo Alhaji Geza, who is the leader of herdsmen that settled at Kunnawa Dam which was just repaired by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, said that they are now comfortable at their base and there is more  unity and loving one another between the farmers and his people at that Dam.

He therefore, commended the Department of Climate Change for the complete repair of Kunnawa Dam for their settlements and called for more infrastructure at the Dam to enable them feel lat home.

He thanked the Kano State Director of the ministry, Mohammed Shehu Adamu who he said is playing a key role in the promotion of peace and unity between the farmers and herdsmen in his domain.

In his remarks on behalf of all the farmers that have farms at Kunnawa Dam area, Malam Lawan Usman said that the Dam repairs has brought peace among the farmers and herdsmen at the area because according to him, there is no clash between the two sides, which is another landmark achievements as seen this year.

“Farmers are happy that this season there is no clash or any form of misunderstanding between farmers and livestock rearers, and we  thank the  Kano State Director,  Mohammed Shehu Adamu for his efforts towards peacefully co-existence between our people and herders  and  we are ready to live together as our occupations are related,”  he stressed.


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