17-yr Old Dies In Police College Swimming Pool




It was a sad day for the family of Ifeanyi Onyekwere who recently lost his life in a drowning incident at the Police College, Ikeja Lagos.

According to reports, Onyekwere who was 17, was with his mother at her shop before he left for the college where he died.

Speaking on the death, the bereaved mother accused the lifeguards at the pool of neglecting their duties, leading to the loss of her son.

She said went on to reveal how she go to hear the news:”A lady came to inform me that they rushed my son to a hospital at the police college.

She said my son might have gone to swim because his clothes were wet. So, I went to the police college, but they refused to show me his body.

After crying and pleading, they said they had taken him out of the place. I never knew he went to swim.”Ifeanyi’s elder brother identified as Benjamin believes there was foul play involved in the death of his brother.

Benjamin, insinuated that his brother may have been killed before getting into the pool as he was fully dressed at the mortuary.

“When I got to the mortuary, what got me curious was that he was fully clothed, which means people witnessed what happened. There was no way he would have swum in the pool with his clothes on. He was supposed to be in his underwear; nobody goes to swim with their full clothes on.

If he drowned, who wore his clothes for him?More so, if you go to swim, there should be lifeguards watching over swimmers. You cannot have lifeguards and all we keep hearing is that he drowned or they don’t know what happened.

Nobody is coming up to say they witnessed what happened. So right now, we only know what people told us because none of us was there. He was fully clothed, so he might probably be dead before getting into the water.

The Police College Public Relations Officer, DSP Sholaye Oluwaseyi, stated that the college was not in control of the swimming pool, adding that it was run by a separate entity. He claimed to have no knowledge of the tragic incident and was surprised to have heard someone died in the pool.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the incident, saying:“The young boy went into the pool on his own. He had been swimming there before, but this time around, he could not make it out of the pool. Nobody pushed him into the water. Nevertheless, there are lifeguards employed to save any swimmer in distress.

Investigation is focusing on whether there was negligence on the part of the lifeguards who were supposed to watch over the swimmers.


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