Check Your Dividends At Our Offices Nationwide, SEC Urges Shareholders



The Head of Kano office of the securities and exchange commission (SEC), Alhaji Danladi Mohammed has called   on the shareholders at various organisations to go and check their dividends at the commissions office in Kano  in order to ensure that everything is intact.

He made this known in his remarks at the International Agric Expo 2018 held at Kano Trade Fair Complex, organised jointly by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, (RMRADC), Federal Ministry of Science and Technology,  All Farmers  Associations of Nigeria (AFAN) and Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agricultute (KACCIMA).

Alhaji Danladi announced that most of the shareholders don’t know where  they can go and find out the reality about  their  dividends and they have no any idea of getting any information about their wealth, that is why the commission is trying to enlighten the general public on how to know the fate of their dividends in a simple manner.

Commenting on how the fake shareholding operators usually dupe the people, Danladi Mohammed  advised the public to ensure that all those who approach them on any monetary  issue   are genuine and have all the necessary permission to operate before investing their monies, because  fake organisations are now operating to dupe people everywhere.

Furthermore,  he assured that the SEC is working seriously in order to protects the wealths of the shareholders and ensure that all  monetary transactions are secured because according to  Alhaji Danladi Mohammed, SEC has qualified staff that really know how to handle things accordingly.


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