One Killed As Rival Cult Groups Run Amok In Minna

A young man, ostensibly in his late twenties or early thirties was stabbed to death and another youth had his wrist severed as band groups of Yan Dabba ran amok in Minna along the Shiroro/Broadcasting road over group interest and hegemony.
The victim was a member of the group which had the previous day ran away with success after unleashing mayhem against another band group according to a source at the scene of Wednesday’s blood chilling fight.
The assailant group was trailed by the second group to the intersection junction of the Shiroro/Broadcasting road where the local government Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party is situated as the party was holding its scheduled primary election for House of Representatives flag bearer for the Chanchaga federal constituency.
The assailant group had shortly before the arrival of the second group, accosted shop owners and passer bye, molesting young ladies to surrender their cell phones, handbags and other belongings.
A group of the band members had attacked a kiosk where soft drinks, confectioneries and other carbonated soda were on display for sale and vandalized the shop, looting it for spoils as the helpless owner ran for safety in tears.
Shortly after, a fight broke out between the two cult group members where knives, cudgels and swords were freely deployed by the combatants.
The victim was stabbed severally on his chest and mid section, ripping open his internal organs as he bled profusely to death as he laid prostate on the ground whilst the fight continued by others unperturbed.
Another one had his wrist severed by a sharp sword from an attacker while score others received blade cuts in parts of their bodies before the police arrived at the scene of the bloody fight, shooting into the air to scare the recalcitrant band groups.
Several cans of anti riot smoke were expanded to dislodge the riotous band groups who were apparently on a fight to finish.
The entire stretch of the long Shiroro/Broadcasting road was deserted as the combatants ran after each other in the fight which lasted for almost 45 minutes.
As the rival groups fought on the busy road, the gates of the Chanchaga local government Secretariat of the PDP was immediately shut to stem the warring Yan Dabba members from running into the premises.
Movements by motorists on the adjoining highway were prompyly diverted as the fighting spread to adjacent sides into the Barikin Sale neighborhood where one of the band came from.
The police made few arrests mostly of those who were injured while the remains of the slain was evacuated by the police.


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