National Youth Games: Team Kaduna Has Always Been Terror Of Opponents – Commissioner

Commissioner of Youth Sports and Culture, Kaduna State, Honourable Daniel Danauta addressing the state's contingent to the 2018 National Youth Games at the University of Ilorin on Friday September 14, 2018.
Even before arriving Ilorin for the 2018 edition, the fear of Team Kaduna had gripped most of its opponents who were hell bent on using all at their disposal to come all out against them.
Kaduna State Commissioner of Youth and Sports, Honourable Daniel Danauta expressed this while addressing Kaduna State contingent to the 4th National Youth Games at the Sports Complex of the University of Ilorin on Friday.
“Many of you against all odds, you have stood and proved yourselves. From the reports reaching me, it has shown that we through you, Kaduna otherwise known as Team Kaduna before arrival has been the terror of most of them. If I have a say here, our competition, we shall always make it clean,” he said.
He praised the state’s athletes for putting in their best to making them proud.
“I want to say my golden athletes. You are more than ordinary athletes, you are golden as far as Kaduna State is concerned.
“Because you have made us to be seen and heard where we are supposed to be. You have made Kaduna State to be seen standing where it ought to stand,” he said.
Speaking further, he said that, “on behalf of the government especially, the governor, who is also athletic like you are, because like others are afraid of you, other governors are afraid of him. I have not been disappointed because you have all come out to prove yourselves,” he added.
He said that for the past three years that he has been in charge, they have competed keenly.
“We have never been the tails but heads, we have always taken the lead. For the past three years, we have come to Ilorin and returned to Kaduna with better records.
“I want to thank you that you have not let situation dampen your spirit, but we have had a resounding victory.
“I want to thank you all, even as I congratulate your handlers. I also want to thank those that have ensured your welfare and good state of mind, the medical team,” he added.
He assured them that for making Kaduna State proud, happy and to rejoice at a time like this, as they return gallantly,  he will make sure that the needful is done with every effort within his ability.
Present at the briefing were the Director of Sports, Yakubu Ibrahim, SA Sports, secretaries of associations, coaches and medical team.
Honourable Daniel Danauta


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