Buhari Orders Joint Forces To Be Ruthless In Combating Bandits

President Muhammadu Buhari


President Mihammadu Buhari  has ordered military personnel in Katsina State who are deployed to combat bandits in Zamfara State to be ruthless ‘as humanly possible’ in combating and dealing with them

He issued the order while addressing the 1000-Strong Military Force assembled to counter the menace being perpetrated  by the bandits and other criminal entities at the Umaru Musa Yar’du’a International Airport,Katsina recently.
Earlier on July 29 that federal government had harnessed forces comprising the army, air force, police and civil defence  to tackle the illegal operations of the bandits.
It was gathered that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) had deployed fighter aircrafts to Katsina being the airport with  the closest proximity to the targeted battle ground  to enable immediate and effective response to the bandits’ menaces.
The president also authorised NAF to engage the usage of advanced surveillance satellite technology  to facilitate accurate
detection of the bandits’ location and movements.
The bandits have been reportedly terrorising villagers, kidnapping and razing down  villages and towns within the entire state.


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