Kaduna Assembly Aspirant Lists Challenges Facing Makera Conatituency


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP,) Kaduna State House of Assembly aspirant, seeking to represent Makera constituency, Mr. Saleh J.  Zaman, has identified poor educational infrastructure, industrial pollution and environmental degradation, among challenges facing the area.

He also identified poor access to primary health-care, insecurity, unemployment, idleness and despondency as critical challenges affecting the people of Makera Constituency.

Making the observation while declaring for his intention to contest for the seat of the State House of Assembly, he vowed to bring creativity and innovation to bear in dealing with issues and challenges bedeviling the people of Makera Constituency if elected.

According to Zaman, “I’m in this race because I have the conviction that I have what it takes to take Makera Constituency to the next level of development.

“If elected, I will do what my predecessors failed to do, I will add value to what they started and didn’t do well and I will bring creativity and innovation to bear in solving the issues and challenges bedeviling the people of Makera Constituency.”

Zaman stated that youth and human capital development would be his central political agenda.

“Throughout some of the intellectual works that I have read, I learned that youth empowerment is one of the surest ways to have a robust human capital development. And if given the privilege to represent Makera Constituency at the state assembly, I will make youth development one of my key programmes.

“One of my powerful assets  is lobbying. Over the years, I have worked closely with some NGOs and communities and lobbied government and attracted some projects.

“I can bring such expertise into practice to enable both qualitative and quantitative growth in Makera Constituency,” he assured.

Zaman called on party faithful to view him as a viable option and invest in him.

He assured party loyalists that with him, it is going to be a win-win situation between him and the people of the constituency.

He debunked the damaging allegation making rounds by hired propagandists that he has stepped down for Philemon Usman.

He explained, “How can I step down for somebody I don’t know? Please, I’m pleading with everyone to jettison the rumour is a mere cock and bull story aimed at smiring my ambition.

“I will be in this battle to the later because I’m driven by passion and I have the  capacity to remain in the race. With your support we will make history.”


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