Display Greater Maturity, PFN Tasks Politicians

The President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev (Dr) Felix Omobude has expressed serious concerned at the recent political developments in the country and the series of infractions that are being witnessed daily in our political space.
Dr. Omobude, therefore advised those in public offices, as well as leaders at all levels and the political class, in particular, to be wary of the consequences of their utterance and actions, lest they exacerbate the challenges being experienced and plunge the country into an avoidable crisis.
The PFN National President, particularly condemned the recent occupation of the National Assembly by officers of the Department of State Security (DSS). While applauding the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, for his firm and immediate response.
He enjoined those concerned in the action to take note of the fact that there can be no justification for such an act, clearly inimical to Nigeria’s democratic credentials, warning that such misdemeanour is capable of truncating the hard-fought democratic rule in Nigeria.
He appealed to both the Executive and Legislative arms to display greater wisdom and maturity in the course of their actions.
“They should ensure that the interest of the nation comes first in all that they do. They should find a way to work together and be more tolerant of opposition, irrespective of differences that might arise, as the interest of the long-suffering masses of Nigeria should be paramount at all times”, he said.
Dr Omobude, however frowned at the increasing appearance of politicisation of state institutions, especially the security agencies, noting that “The conduct of the EFCC in blocking the account of a state Government leaves much to be desired. The security agencies should not be seen to be working for one political interest or the other. They should discharge their duties without fear or favour and eschew partisanship in their conduct.
“Also of great concerns is the upsurge in political violence in the country. With this development, the electoral process is increasingly being compromised by desperate politicians who are employing force and intimidation to suppress the freewill of the people”.
The PFN National President also decried the monetisation of the electoral process, with incidents of blatant vote-buying becoming more rampant, while the umpire and security agencies appear helpless, even when such shameful acts that are clearly prohibited under the laws of the land.
Dr. Omobude, however enjoined politicians to stand up for their convictions and engage with the political process on the basis of discernible beliefs and ideology, rather than keep jumping from one platform to the other so flippantly.
 “It is worrisome,” he says, “that politicians keep defecting in what would appear to be more in line with their selfish personal agenda rather than doing so in the interest of the people.
“Our political parties, just like all other institutions must be strengthened for the sake of democracy, to enable them deliver on the essence of nationhood and guarantee the security and welfare of the people,” he added.
Dr Omobude called on all Nigerians, especially the Christians, to continue to uphold the nation in prayer, especially as the election season draws nearer.
He charged every person of voting age should go and register and ensure they collect the Permanent Voters card (PVC) before the window of registration closes, so that they will be in better position to wisely exercise their electoral franchise at the next election.


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