Be United, Kaduna Deputy Gov Tasks Kaura LG Stakeholders

Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex speaking at Town Hall Meeting in Kaura Local Government Area.


The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex, on Saturday called on the stakeholders  of  Kaura Local Government Area to live in unity  as election is approaching, stressing that unity is what they need now, not division.

Architect Bantex expressed this when he met with the stakeholders of Kaura Local Government at a Town Hall Meeting held in Kaura Local Government Secretariats in Kaduna State.

Bantex explained that, “things have beginning to change because any reform that comes in, we have two options to continue to grow  the way  we are growing as a nation and as a state, and destroy the future of the young ones and avoid the pain or to go through the pains as it is temporary, to ensure the future of the poor are protected.”

He described their efforts as a “risk of our political leaders we took, but some people say  they will not support you, but the government’s opinion has always been that you cannot compare the political interest of the future of 2.3 million children.”

 “People are beginning to understand that, there’s greater hostility, they will go away with time, they may affect us in one way or the other  but whatever it is, we leave everything to God,” he said.

He added that, “we are happy that we know a local government system that  is properly well structured for the best, instead of a system with a habitual leaders.

“We now have Public Service at state level that parades only staff that are required not the staff that politics determines. We are now happy that we  have prevented the test in Internal Revenue Generated and that all that has been collected to the best of their ability not less than 85% actually go to the government.

Bantex added that, “We are now happy that we have created the  Treasury Single Account  which enables Kaduna State Government to know exactly where her money is with the Central Bank  so that we can trace the higher specification.

“We are happy that we have now signed into law, and held Insurance Schemes which by next year we will make Medical Healthcare free,  we are happy that the farmers  are now guaranteed good prices for their products. We are happy with what we are doing,” he emphasized.

“In the Local Government we now have a presidential system at the Local Government level where there’s parliament and executive council and we have created an organogram that limits the number of staff.

“We have restructured, we have made life easier, by the grace of God in a short time, you will find out that everyone will want to pay their salary without looking onto the state government.

In a remark, the Chairman Caretaker of Kaura Local Government,  Honourable Dr.  Katuka Bege said the aim of the Town Hall meeting was to come together and share ideas that will bring development to the Local Government Area.

He urged the people to desist  from hate speech and the spreading of fake news, stressing that it will not help in the  development of the three chiefdoms which comprise Kagoro, Takat and Mor’a in the local government area.

Members from the three chiefdoms were  present at the meeting. Religious leaders, community leaders, widows, pensioners, disabilities old and young participated in contributing to  the way forward.

Questions were entertained in their various levels, the Deputy Governor, took his time to answer them as they all tabled their requests before him.

Architect Bantex assured them of their needs in their local government area and urged them to continue to live in  peace as the state government remains committed to ensuring that the security of lives and property is a top priority.


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